Why I’m No Longer Afraid To Fly With Baby


Honestly, I don’t know where the fear came from or when it started. When hubby and I began our travel adventures we always said we would continue when we became parents…

Then it happened we became parents and we were so afraid to get on a plane with the baby.


Keeping on track with my work in progress of becoming a minimalist, I aimed to make our first flight with the baby and first international flight at that, run smoothly. I condensed a lot for our travel.

Entertaining him through the airport with art installations

How much you ask? A carry on luggage for baby & me. One larger bag for hubby, he did carry our outfits for the wedding we were attending. Both bags were checked in. Then one backpack for my laptop and camera gear and hubby’s diaper sling on and one small stroller.

This might seem to some like it’s still a lot, but this a work in progress. Now after all is said and done, it was too much, I know it now. So we have decided to start looking for practical luggage the size of carry-ons that include laptop storage. Plus I get to start my research on a small quality camera. Next time we fly should be much lighter for sure.


We were scared of this, unsure of how it would all turn out. Will this be how the universe gets us back for all those times we dreaded sitting next to a child? Life payback.

Not at all. Thank you universe! When we booked the flight we were lucky that there was a flight that fell right in line with his nap time. We were hopeful that he’d nap on the flight.

Already getting sleepy

We were flying with a new airline and we had no idea how that would work out either. We knew how things work with our usual airline but they all do things differently. We woke up early, baby heard us and he was up too. Which was perfect because that meant that nap was a sure thing during the flight.

We arrived early, just in case. Good thing because they had to secure his boarding pass. Then off we went to explore the airport. My always curious and people watching baby was pretty entertained. From our parking van transfer, which made him giggly, I’m assuming it was the bright color of the van, to the bags on the conveyer belt, he was one happy baby. Once we checked our two bags in we were lighter and all I did was carry my teething baby. Hubby carried stroller and backpack.

I kept praising our little guy for being so good, silently hoping our luck wouldn’t run out. As long as his mom was holding him, (because apparently mom is magical and takes away the teething pain) he was happy. Once Dad did take him away, so I could go to the ladies room and he did start to fuss. Nothing Baby Bum couldn’t handle.


So how did he do on the flight you ask? Did we make lives miserable and everything we’ve ever hated about children on flights now happened to us? Five minutes before boarding, he grabbed my neck and fell asleep.

Gone to the world and take off, sorry for the bad lighting on the plane

He slept through the flight attendants PSA, through the guy in front of us listening to music without headphones until his girlfriend told him to shut it down and most importantly take off. Wow!

He woke up about 45 minutes before we landed. Excited and curious about the snacks in front of him. Then he moved on to explore the window and magazines. No crying, no baby crankiness at all.

He was so excited to see out the window

We were complimented by several people that saw us as we were waiting in customs. They said they had no clue a baby was on the plane. Great! We did good, our little man didn’t make his first flight a nightmare. We should have started flying sooner but oh well, all the stars aligned and now we are able to.

So what did I learn?

  1. Stop being scared of things I did before just because I have a baby.
  2. I should have listened to the all the moms who told me to take him on a flight many moons ago.
  3. Plan accordingly, especially around baby’s nap time and all will work well.

Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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  • Ana Rojas

    I’m traveling with my 6 month old and this just helped soothe some of the anxiety!!

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