Who Knew Shoe Shopping For A Toddler Could Be So Hard?

Who Knew Shoe Shopping For A Toddler Could Be So Hard?


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No one told me there was a science and certain way to shop for your baby. So we, the newbie parents made the mistake that every new parent makes, shop at your local baby section of any store. This was after most of his gifted first shoes didn’t fit him, and he only wore one pair that fit successfully for a very short time.

Who Knew Shoe Shopping For A Toddler Could Be So Hard?

Having an event to attend, we wanted to take our baby with shoes. I never liked the barefoot baby in public, and hubby didn’t like the sock baby in public so we went shopping for shoes. Tried on so many pairs and ended with a pair, that we could fit his chunky feet into. Now, I know that just because we fit his foot in it, doesn’t mean that was the right shoe. (But we didn’t know, and did it really matter when he was only a few months old and not walking? And so cute!)


My not so little guy had a challenging time walking due to his size. He’s pretty tall and hefty for his age, in the 97 percentile since born, just recently dropping to 95. He did take his first steps trying to reach his mommy before his first birthday. We scurried to try to do our research for the right pre-walker shoes since he was being so rough on his toes.

Who Knew Shoe Shopping Could Be So Hard? Life With Salsa
His first pair of Striderites purchased on AMAZON.

We read the reviews, did so much research and found out that we needed to get him fitted and we kept reading that Stride Rite was known for having the right shoes for wide feet, which apparently our little man had. It wasn’t all different pairs of shoe fault at the stores, it was his wide feet. Again no one told us, no one there to help.


Found the right stride rite that we liked, that we thought would help our little guy get moving. He would wear them to all his activities and he seemed to be fine in them taking steps as he held on to things. Not walking yet though. At home we let him roam free barefoot since that is the best for them to learn to walk, plus it allows him to feel.

My baby’s first Stride Rites

Yet no walking, so the shoes were really not getting real use. Next thing you know he went through a growth spurt and his shoes didn’t fit anymore. The shoes look practically new.


We knew he was somewhere between walking and strolling while holding on, yet he needed shoes. He couldn’t be barefoot everywhere we went. I could only pull off cute socks for so long. (Especially when my baby looks like he’s older than he is because of his size)

Who Knew Shoe Shopping Could Be So Hard? Life With Salsa
These Estamicos were perfect since he still wasn’t walking on his own.

We needed two pairs of shoes for a vacation and a wedding we were attending. After reading many reviews, I knew to search for soft shoes. (Again, no one told me this!) I found a really cute simple pair of white shoes, with laces but that didn’t seem to bother him, nor did he try to take them off. He looked cute in them and he had a good grip when he was trying to walk in them.

The only picture I got of him after the wedding in his Robeez shoes. (in his hands)

Estamico is the brand, pre-walker sneaker. They went with everything and not too pricey. Especially if you have a baby that isn’t getting that much use out of the shoes and growing like a weed.

Aren’t these so cute?!

Robeez is the brand of the shoes we picked for the wedding. They are sneakers but in black, with pants, you can’t tell. I mean who buys dress shoes for a baby? This way he can wear them again.

Leather cuties, he’s still wearing these

Soooo why are you saying that shoe shopping is so hard Leslie? BECAUSE my child grows like a weed and the shoes were not lasting long. The sizes are different depending on the brand. He outgrew his Estamico shoes, but at least he got good use out of the cute shoes. It’s too hot in TX to put him in his Robeez all the time, but they still fit, again the sizing is a scientific equation.

One last pair, because he needed a pair of shoes other than his black shoes. Since the Estamico & Robeez shoes fit him so well and allowed him to walk easily we went with that same style. Found the iEvolve pair of mocassins. I think he got the most use out of this pair than all the other shoes put together. Plus he looked so cute in them.


So one day after us starting to have concerns that he wasn’t letting go and just go ahead and walk, he did. He just let go and walked like if he had been walking all along and we just didn’t know. Starting to wonder if he was practicing in his room. Hmmmm…

Can’t find the same color, but I like the baseball too!

So the search began again….ugh why?! Those cute iEvolve were great as long as he wasn’t walking on them full force and outside, everywhere.


My hubby makes fun of me saying I read too many reviews and he doesn’t see other moms doing this research. I KNOW he’s wrong. Just do a quick search for any question you have about your baby or child period. Someone has gone through it and wrote about it. Example me, with this post, so that someone else can save some time. Pass the wisdom. Again I had no one, wish someone would have given me this post. I would have been ready.


I shop Amazon, actually that’s my hubby’s mall, so it’s safe to say we are an Amazon family. What I didn’t know about was the perk of Amazon Wardrobe. I’m not huge on shopping for clothes so I never saw this feature. I’m becoming a fashion shopper for baby boy and discovered this magic perk!

After all my research and several brands being recommended for baby’s shoes, yet not all of them being available in one place or even locally I found them on Amazon.

BUT how to know which will fit right? Which one do I like better? Which one is true to size? Which one is not so heavy on my little guys’ feet? I put my favorite on my Amazon Wardrobe account and hit the ship button. No payment, just ship. When they arrive I have 7 days to return the ones that don’t work out and pay for the ones I’m keeping. Talk about convenient! Sorry if it sounds like I’m selling Amazon, I’m just so excited. I get my hubby’s in love for Amazon now. Plus I don’t have to sell Amazon, everyone has an Amazon account nowadays.

Daddy’s favorite, See Kai Run

Mommy’s Favorite, Stride Rite

I’m so excited for the package to arrive. I’ll update this post and let you know which I keep and which I send back.


So we got our first Amazon Prime Wardrobe, that was fun. All the items were for our little toddler to try on. As you see on the products above Dad had a favorite and I had a favorite. I have to admit we were both going for looks, not that there is anything wrong with that. Well, both shoes were great, he just wasn’t ready for either one. He needed a bit lighter shoe. This way of shopping, being able to try on the shoes was great. Guess what? We will be buying the above shoes later. But for right now our pick was a third one, a Stride Rite.

This was the winner. Perfect first walking shoe.

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Who Knew Shoe Shopping For A Toddler Could Be So Hard?

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