Where To Eat in NOLA: Marigny Edition


Another trip to the New Orleans area, you would swear my Guatemalan wife is suggesting we move there. Regardless, I do enjoy NOLA, learning the history and seeing the architecture as well as drown in all its culture.

Yes, I know most of you come here for Mardi Gras or to lose your memory on Bourbon street, but I promise you there is so much more to do here and truly enjoy.

Let’s start with some of the places I stop to eat. I can promise you if you search hard enough you will find some of the best food places to eat and thoroughly enjoy a mix of centuries and cultures in their food. I have comprised a few below but I assure you as I continue to take the 8-hour drive out to New Orleans I will be updating the list.

One morning We got up and took a Walkabout (Borrowing from the Australians) and we came upon a little cafe:


Let me assure you, that you must make a stop here, there is a dish there called, Not Ya Mama’s Cornbread and I promise they ain’t lying. This is the most delicious, creamy, delightful mouth of decadence you can eat and become so extremely full for breakfast and forgive yourself for gaining weight because it is that good.

Another plate we tried was their Cajun Scramble. Normal breakfast plate with that True Cajun seasoning that makes New Orleans and its surrounding Area famous. Extremely satisfying and I will return for more next time I am in town.  I have to come back for their Lunches and their Dinner Plates!


Okay, now a little one off and not my norm. I’m a hamburger boy (Texas Raised) so hot dogs or Hawt Dawgs as you northerners say, is not something I waste time to stop and eat primarily because I can make them myself at home. BUT and I need to say BUT you need to try this place. Why? because you have never had a Dat Dog.

Dat Dog: Colorful and delicious hot dogs!

This place has every type of and flavor of hot dog that if you can’t find something you like, you are obviously dead! Wife & I have started buying two plates everywhere we go, so we can split it and get to sample more plates in these short visits. We had Alligator Sausage Dog and The Bacon Werewolf Dog…..Sorry for the Cliche here but you will be snapping and howling for more. Along with several local and non-local beers, you will be extremely happy you came by. The view from the balcony is the place to enjoy your feast!


Now here is what you come to expect when you talk about deep south southern soul food cooking. When you have seen movies about the south or you think about what soul food is, you imagine mounds of red beans and rice, cornbread, turnip greens, fried chicken, crawfish etouffee, Jambalaya, smothered pork chop, etc. Let me tell you this place’s menu only makes me drool for more of the list and seems to be endless. We wanted everything but knew it just wasn’t possible so we settled for The Taste of Soul Platter.

Baby excited about the southern food plate at the Praline Connection

Let me say that after having this plate if you don’t come out speaking one form of southern dialect you obviously have no taste buds! My little one was only eight months old and he even had the waitress proud of their home cooking. He ate everything right alongside both my wife and I and was getting mad because we were eating it too fast he wanted more. One more thing please take the time to ask the staff about the history of the place it is both heartwarming and truly what America is all about!

Praline Connection has a delicious dessert and we HAD to have



As I told you before I am a burger type of guy but I was told to make an effort and stop in at Gene’s Poboys. Now I won’t lie and tell you it’s a pretty building though many people do like pink it doesn’t really look like much. When people tell you Queen B (ie Beyonce) eats here, it must be good enough for the wife. Well, I may joke a bit but the locals never lie about stuff like this, as they are obviously right about these PoBoys, damn good!

We don’t have photos of Gene’sPoboys, here is Beyonce at Gene’s. Photo Credit.

No matter which one you get they are all amazing. I dare not slow the staff down to ask stupid questions they run that place like they are going to war to serve an army. This will make more sense when you get there. I won’t even attempt to suggest which PoBoy taste better, primarily because I may need to return for some of their Fried  Shrimp, Fish, and yes one of their Burgers!


I know these are just a few suggestions on food in this funky neighborhood but it’s not because there is not more, we have only stayed in the Marigny once. It’s close walking distance from the Quarter so no excuse not to try these places. Tell us more places to try and I will update as soon as I have another favorite.

Married to artist Leslie M. Guzman he has had to learn to go with the flow and let the adventure begin. He is a father, banker by profession and foodie by choice.


  • Aleah

    I was recently in New Orleans this past December! I missed out on the places you mention but some other good spots are Deanie’s Seafood, Ruby Slipper Cafe, and Mulates.

  • Tuija

    Cool, this an area that im not so familiar yet but as all travellers say “it’s on my list”. As a foodie i can totally see why it’s worrh making the trip just for the eats!

  • Amy

    So many good options for food. I’m so keen to visit awesome food, music and drink prefect holiday

  • Anya

    THOSE HOTDOGS! Everything on this list looks and sounds amazing! I’m drooling!!! And hey, if Beyonce is eating at that place, I’ve got to try it out too 😉

  • Anya

    THOSE HOTDOGS! Everything on this list looks and sounds amazing! I’m drooling!!! And hey, if Beyonce is eating at that place, I’ve got to try it out too 😉

  • aimee horgan

    Ah, I’m hungry now reading this – such variety it seems in NOLA. The coffee shop sounds amazing, ‘not ya Mama’s cornbread’ is hilarious and sounds scrumptious 🙂

  • Richa

    NOLA is my favorite esp for food and drinks! I have been there three times already but still keep itching to go back, so much more to try out there 🙂 Great recommendations that I am making a note of.

  • Christina

    well if it’s good enough for Beyonce….. 😉 honestly though, these places look SO good! definitely passing them onto a friend who is visiting soon. great read!

  • Taylor Aube

    This post makes me hungry! I’ll be passing through NOLA in a few weeks so I’m bookmarking this!

  • Kimberly C.

    I hear they have some good food in Nola. Wouldn’t mind trying some myself and yes, if Queen B approves, it can’t be wrong 😉

  • Kristi McAllister

    Oh my gosh!! First, I never met a cornbread I didn’t like. Second, I used to live in Jackson, MS and we were only 3 hours from New Orleans and we went there often! The food there is OH-MAZING and the culture is so eclectic! There’s a whole lot of life there–and the food is unlike anything else I’ve ever had anywhere else. Now I want to make a trip! And I’ll try some of your suggestions! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sangeetha N

    Thanks for sharing some great information. Knowing of coffee places and nearby eat outs is always a good idea when traveling

  • Nadine

    Oh my god those hotdogs look too delish! Making notes for when I ever make my way to New Orleans. Great post!

  • TColeman

    All of this looks like it is so amazing. There is nothing like visiting a place and exploring their food!

  • Tameka from TamekasCorner.com

    New Orleans is one of my absolute favorite US cities and nothing is more appealing than their unique take on food!! Everything from southern to sweet, New Orleans has so much to offer!! I can’t wait to try the hot dog place and the Po Boy place!!! Thanks for yet another great blog post!!!

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