Where To Eat: Corpus Christi Edition


Last month we took an extended weekend road trip to Corpus Christi. Our friend makeup artist MacGirlProblems was going to be attending the Selena makeup line launch. We had driven past Corpus many times and never really been enticed to stay, so we decided it was time to try it out. (READ about the planning HERE)

Friends needed to spend time together, especially when one is pregnant and the other lives states away


The wife is the best at planning trips, as in what to see, places to visit and foods you must try. I help in planning for food if I have time. I’m the guinea pig that tries it all so that is help too.

Let’s just get to the good stuff, the food!


Our friend misses bbq so much, so that is the first thing on her list. She doesn’t plan she is a go with the flow chic, so my wife plans for her. We went with the one everyone talked about being the best. It did not disappoint and the prices were good too. Wife & I were able to share a brisket plate with two sides. Wife is not really into meat during her pregnancy. Don’t forget to get your free ice cream!



After MacGirlProblems got her Selena tattoo it was late and we had the munchies so we headed to the original Whataburger. Why not? Had to go see and eat in the 2 story burger joint. This place stays packed! Also getting there late provides great for people watching.

We have had Whataburger many times, but we wanted to try the original one


This was rated as the number one place in Corpus especially for breakfast. Since wife became pregnant she loves breakfast. Eggs, waffles and bacon are her favorites. So we had to make a stop here. Be prepared to wait in line, a long line. After that wait we knew it HAD to be absolutely delicious. When we got seated we saw how jam packed it is. I can and will say this is by far the best place we ate at in Corpus, sorry for the other places coming on the list. We will be driving through Corpus just to eat here again, and again, and again!

The Wife wanted to try their chicken and eggs
Next time I will take a dozen or two of these home, they are THAT good

They serve you complimentary muffins made there. They are so good, you could go there just to eat those muffins! If your wife is pregnant you might also be lucky enough to get a to go bag of these delicious treats!


During my wife’s research she had read of a snowballs with milk. She was so looking forward to having them and we get there and nothing comes up and later we find out it was closed. The search began to give pregnant lady what she wanted. Finally found an ice cream place La Paletera, not near any tourist site or area. We had to really look for it. It was good that we did, worth the drive to get a big bowl of ice cream. Please let me elaborate you could easily divide these bowls between 4 people, but lucky for me she wanted her own bowl.



Was the last place on the list and we had not been able to go since they close early on Saturdays and they are also closed on Sundays. Monday morning we were there super early for breakfast. We wanted to know why this place was Selena’s favorite Tex Mex restaurant in Corpus Christi.

Wifey’s breakfast on our last day. I did not want to share food anymore.

It was a mix of Mexican and Tex Mex. I couldn’t categorize it as only one or the other. The flavor was too good for only being Tex Mex, yet it was not quite Mexican. There are so many locals that go there frequently. We were obviously the tourists that didn’t fit in and they all came to speak to us. We met the owner and several of the waitresses wanted to meet us. We think it was MacGirlProblems and her makeup and the fact that she was dressed in all Selena even her nails. Definitely worth the stop, the food is fresh and a great place to ask questions about Selena. Or if you are doing the Selena tour, like we did, although it was just us putting together a list.

MacGirlProblems had to try Selena’s favorite plate, the enchiladas

If we return to Corpus Christi then we WILL be returning to Andy’s Country Kitchen and Hi HO. We might have to do further research for other tasty places, but we were happy with the ones we tried on this trip. So if you have no list, try ours. If you find new ones please tell us about them so we can add them to our list.

Andy’s Country Kitchen makes the BEST muffins

Married to artist Leslie M. Guzman he has had to learn to go with the flow and let the adventure begin. He is a father, banker by profession and foodie by choice.


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