Top Suggestions on Where To Eat the Most Delicious Chilaquiles: Puerto Vallarta Mexico Edition


Once upon a time, there was this gringito that had no idea that he hadn’t yet tasted what would become one of his favorite Mexican plates. Then he began dating a gorgeous girl, who had a sister who would cook for him every time she needed a favor. That’s how he learned what chilaquiles were.

From that time to now it’s been over 10 years. Fast forward to our Puerto Vallarta trip and wife wanting tacos and all I was looking for was chilaquiles. Why? Because at our first hotel, which included breakfast they served some of the best chilaquiles I have tasted.

Obviously Puerto Vallarta knows how to make this plate.


Now I know you won’t stay at a hotel because of my delicious suggestion. (Who knows maybe you will) But if you have to stay in the Marina area, think of the Holiday Inn. Plus they have some great bedding. (Sorry no photos, it was too early to think of cameras)


We accidentally found this place after my wife dragged us sightseeing and hangry. You know so hungry you’re angry. We were not in the tourist section so there wasn’t a ton of places to choose from. Glad we found this place. Good tacos, good quesadillas, and yummy chilaquiles. (Not my Holiday Inn chilaquiles but good)

I know bad photo, but we were dealing with a little one that was tired


Now this place KNOWS their chilaquiles AND they have an amazing staff! I almost didn’t want to go because it’s in the tourist area in the Romantic Zone. Being high on TripAdvisor to me just feels like anyone goes there and doesn’t mean they KNOW food. I’m so GLAD wife twisted my arm and that my love for chilaquiles was more.

Yup, that’s my Its SO GOOD face!


Since I had such a delicious experience with the last recommendation, I got venturesome. I read about mole chilaquiles and had to try them. It was a good breakfast place, we sat outside and people watched as we ate. The word I’d use would be tasty but not my favorite. I think it would depend on the person, I’m a more traditional Mexican Chilaquiles person. Try them for yourself and decide.

Top Suggestions on Where To Eat the Most Delicious Chilaquiles Puerto Vallarta Mexico Edition Edition-2
Mole, mole, mole
Top Suggestions on Where To Eat the Most Delicious Chilaquiles Puerto Vallarta Mexico Edition Edition
Wife’s Plate at Jovita’s, she liked it.


Warning: I just realized we did not take any photographs of the plate of chilaquiles at this place. Please forgive me!

Last stop and this time it was my wife’s choice. She wanted to eat on the beach before we left. She told me it was highly recommended. I wasn’t going to complain because she was right with Freddy’s Tucan. She’s always right, and not because I have to say that. Cuates y Cuetes had a great spread of breakfast selections and chilaquiles was one of their specialties. One of my favorites on this Chilaquiles journey in Puerto Vallarta. Plus they had excellent service.BUT the best was their cafe de olla! Why have I never heard of this or tried this type of coffee? My new obsession when traveling will be Cafe de Olla, please. 

Married to artist Leslie M. Guzman he has had to learn to go with the flow and let the adventure begin. He is a father, banker by profession and foodie by choice.

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