SURPRISE: We’re Having a Baby…


Everyone knows we’re pregnant, expecting our first child. Well everyone should but I’m still coming across people that say to me that they had no idea.

I have heard from a few people that I don’t take enough photos of my bump progress. How little people know me. Of course, I’m taking pictures, I’m just not posting every single one of them. I post more on our Instagram than our facebook. So if you’re not following us, then yes you are missing out on the progress of pregnant mama.


Obviously we know what the sex of our little bun in the oven is. We decided to keep it to ourselves in the beginning. We wanted to make sure everything was  ok and confirmation after our anatomy ultrasound. Which I have to say has been my favorite.

It was a birthday/baby reveal

Then we decided to let our family in on our little secret. We called some that were not close by, to tell in person or we just surprised them, like we did hubby’s parents. The rest were invited to a little birthday bbq for George’s birthday. Which of course had nothing to do with the birthday celebration. There was a cake but it was really more about the baby.


Our story began with a surprise engagement, to a “Home Welcoming Party” that was actually was a “Surprise we’re Pregnant ” party, so we kept it going with the gender reveal, SURPRISE!

Perfect reaction when we announced we were having a baby

My sister wanted to have a big over the top gender reveal party but the more my pregnancy progressed and only a handful of people were involved in the joy of our growing family, the less I wanted to have a big party. You realize who really cares about you when you’re pregnant. Plus this was fun for us and we shared with the people that we love & are genuinely happy for us. What I’m surprised at is that everyone that knows has kept it a secret this long. I bet my sister has been biting her tongue for almost two months. After this post goes live, so will she.

With our fur baby


Ok, enough back story, I know you’re curious, we are having an active baby that I swear treats my belly as a club at night, called Club Mamacita. Our baby is a nene, or a boy.

It was a huge surprise to us. BELIEVE ME. We sat there looking at the envelope in shock. This whole time we believed that because it was so difficult for us to conceive that there was no way we could make a boy. Hubby did not believe he could, I believed him, all the people kept telling me that my symptoms were clearly of a girl. Those Goji berries were obviously very potent.

We’re about to be a family of four


So my Pinterest Baby Boards had to change. I had already planned the baby’s room on Pinterest for a little princess. Not to mention we had a beautiful name. Hubby swears we can still try for the girl, yeah no, the factory is closed after this.

PINTEREST is our go-to planning EVERYTHING

The very difficult search started for a boys name. I had to recreate my Pinterest Boards. This meant the little progress my sister and I had for the baby shower was out the door.  Back at the beginning, but it’s ok we have a whole new theme.




I realized I was perfectly fine with a baby boy. It made picking godparents easier. We seemed to be stuck for a girl because I wanted a strong-minded female, that thinks like me to raise my girl if something were to happen.  For a boy, it is all about having a strong man to influence him to become a man. Asking the parents around us, I realized no one puts that much of a rush into this. I DO NOT want anything to happen to us but you have to plan for everything. I don’t want my child not to be taken care of.

I’m going from Wifey to Baby Mama of a baby boy

This changed hubby in so many ways. He became more motivated to make a healthy lifestyle change. While I have always insisted and he would give in, it was never 100%. Finding out he was having a son, changed everything. To him it means, sports, being active and making a strong man. While when he thought I was having a girl, that it was all on me. Haha, joke’s on him, I’m done after I pop! If it was only really that simple.



I’m excited to meet my little guy because Mama is a Queen for life!!!  I know Husband is beyond excited about everything he is going to do with him. It’s funny how most of our conversations lately are about our little man and how we’re going to raise him. You know you married your best friend because even strong life conversations like these are fun. Now my dilemma is what to wear for my baby shower.



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