Small Getaway to San Antonio, TX: Anniversary & Quality Family Roadtrip


Last year we were celebrating our wedding anniversary with a tiny little human. Our little bundle of love.

My sister kind of nudged us to go out and celebrate, we went to dinner while she babysitted our baby. We spent our entire dinner talking about our new life and our baby. We agreed to let him be part of our celebrations from then on. So this year our anniversary we knew it had to be baby friendly.


At the McNay Museum with the LOVE sculpture


We are not new to road tripping, in fact, we like them because they are quick ways to travel when you simply can’t jump on a plane or lacking time. We have family in other states and sometimes we choose to drive, especially now with a little one.


I know that it’s always just us at home, not really we also have a puppy. A puppy who has not adjusted to the baby being part of our lives and acts like a brat these days. So as much as I love my fluff ball we needed a break from him acting so jealous all the time and getting between us trying to be with the baby. My sister the babysitter again, just now it was her furry nephew.


San Antonio is only a three-hour drive and has plenty to do and of course child-friendly. We have been there several times before but more touristy.

This year marks the 300 year anniversary or tricentennial of San Antonio. This was the only time we could squeeze it in. The festivities start around May and on.


When someone goes to San Antonio, it’s always the Riverwalk. While it’s nice and I like it, there’s more to see and do. So we picked a hotel close enough but not too close you can’t see other things.

Holiday Inn Express, cute and always has great bedding for a great night sleep. Baby slept through the night. He acted like the vacation was the hotel. We did say we would play it by how we all felt. Our baby, the boss.

Our hotel had interested history. It was a jail, who knew we would pick a place with a little extra. No scary stories to tell though. This used to be the old Bexar County Jail and there used to be public hangings.


There are so many places on my list of places to try in SA. There’s just not enough time or they just don’t always work with location. But I will let the foodie, tell you about where we ate. But I’ll leave you a taste.

We did finally try LuLu’s cinnamon roll!


I had a list of things to do but we knew we were going to be flexible due to the baby. We didn’t get to see and do it all but we were happy with what we did.

This light and art show made for a great date night/baby entertaining.

There was this colorful light installation titled The Saga by French Artist Xavier De Richemont. It’s free to the public and the show is on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9:00, 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm.

I was impressed with how much art San Antonio has. Museum after museums, street art, and art shows in the library. My favorite as of now is the MacNay Museum but I know there are other I haven’t been to yet.

We did stroll through the Riverwalk but ended cutting it short because there simply were not enough ramps for a stroller.

*Just FYI for those traveling with little one, take a carrier.


We will definitely be back with an appetite and time to see more of this artistic city.


Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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