Second Trimester: Doing Much Better & Things Learned


Unless you are one of those women that “loved” pregnancy and life was just wonderful and it rains flowers on your perfect hair, then you understand what I meant by the better trimester. Most women have a horrible first trimester, I was one of them. How can it not be hard on a woman? I mean a life is growing inside you and hormones are all over the charts.

We revealed the sex of our baby on hubby’s birthday

After I learned a few tricks, such as food and supplements to alleviate some of the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy, the pregnancy became better. Please read about the FIRST TRIMESTER things learned.


I’m an artist by profession and have had a busy art year. I had to take downtime for the issues I had during the first trimester. I got to work and I was constantly bending or kneeling.The first injury happened when I was squatting for a dripping paint. I worked no longer than an hour. The following day I had horrible leg pains. So much I couldn’t walk. It would hurt my thighs and calves as if I had done leg presses and then done a 5k run. This lasted almost three days. Horrible pain.

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The second injury, I decided not to squat or be on the floor. I had my things on a table but still same dripping of paint. I worked no longer than an hour again. This time it was my back that took the pain. The following day I could not move. I was in such horrible pain I felt my back was locked up. I was out of commission for three days this time. Hubby thought this was too weird, so he did research. It was apparently my blood circulation. The doctor was ok with me taking iron. The pain on my legs and back never happened again.


We talked about the ugly part of pregnancy that no one talks about, constipation. I was already taking psyllium husk but apparently as my pregnancy continued it was not enough and no longer working as efficiently.

This is the trimester when you can reveal the sex of your little one

I was very open with my doctor about all these ugly parts so I can know what to do. She advised taking collace. It’s a form of stool softener and it helps. Yes, I know sounds disgusting and unladylike but it’s things like these that NO ONE will tell you. Kroger has a generic kind and it’s the same, at a much lower cost.


Tricks: Still fitting into my clothes but tighter. My jeans were now needing to be undone when sitting and the rubber band trick came in handy. I was wearing a lot of leggings but that was just more for comfort plus throw a loose shirt or blouse and no one knows you’re pregnant. Not to mention you still haven’t had to spend on expensive maternity clothes. I did purchase a few items I couldn’t pass up on at Ross, all so cheap no harm to the pocketbook and easy to give away after I’m finished.


Underwear: I did have to go up a size in underwear. Although you haven’t gained much and can still fit into your clothes your older underwear will be uncomfortable when you sit. Sometimes you bloat and that underwear just became uncomfortable. Nothing you can use after pregnancy. Most of us call them granny undies for that time of the month of bloat and discomfort.

Sports BrasMy bras still fit me but a bit tighter than before. On the days I didn’t have to go anywhere or was just doing quick errands sports bras were my go to. I repeat it’s all about comfort when you’re expecting. I stocked up on a few sports bras.


For the first trimester, I told you about my face dryness and how I used a moisturizing soap. This trimester I noticed that it was the rest of my body that was feeling extra dry. My legs, knees, elbows, and feet always felt and looked so ashy. I was constantly having to check or making sure I double up on my regular moisturizing regimen.


If your doctor is as good as mine is, they will keep on top of your weight and sugar intake. We are NOT eating for two. We can NOT eat whatever we like. I have not gained a lot of weight I fluctuate between 4-6 pounds. If I let myself indulge in sweets then I know the next few days I will be swollen and gain a bit. As soon as I don’t give in to any sweets I go back down and no swelling. Not to mention I am being extra careful with the sugar intake because I do not want gestational diabetes. It seems most women get it now, all because they assume or use the excuse they can have whatever they want and that is so far from the truth. I’m getting tested for gestational diabetes soon, crossing my fingers.

Wearing a rubber band to close these jeans


I enjoyed this trimester better than my first. Not to mention I felt my baby move and that made me so happy. I have to say for me week 24-25 I felt the transition. My hair was nicer and feeling healthier. My skin finally felt like what everyone talks about the pregnancy glow. I actually felt pretty, so that equals to a very happy pregnant lady.

I felt pretty enough to model for Thinking Boutique

I will have to see if the progress continues and I enjoy the third trimester. I’ve heard that the last trimester is a lot like the first, so I’m a little scared.


Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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