Saying Goodbye to Pregnancy


Being in my last trimester has me a bit excited to meet my little person and a little emotional at the thought of my pregnancy being over. Where did the time go?

What I’m most thankful for this year

You are given a due date and although that is a round about estimate it’s pretty close. Ours was set and as much as we tried to recalculate, after all we know the exact date we conceived. No matter what we came up with the same due date, maybe give or take a few days.


I planned everything around that date, getting my own things in order to make sure nothing overlapped with baby’s coming. I finished my art show, delivered artwork, installed art and completed baby’s room. As I was doing all this I kept thinking it’s almost over. Even though I complained and whined about the aches and pains of pregnancy I knew I was going to miss it.


Life was inside of you for months, while you experienced movements, growth, sounds and of course your body changing into something you didn’t recognize. Hubby would make fun of me each time I cried out in pain after a big jab or when I would say it was so heavy, he would say “You will miss all this”. Maybe I won’t miss the aches but I can’t believe my bump will be gone and that life will not be dependent on me.


The best way that I could enjoy my pregnancy was document it as best as I could. I did incorporate a pregnancy section on this blog because it would document it and also give others an insight on what we learned about this new experience. I also tried to take as many photographs of my changing body as I could. If this is to be my only pregnancy I wanted to make sure I have something to show my child and to reminisce later. Hubby became my official photographer and of course we had a maternity shoot with the lovely Juliana Rose Photography.

From the first photo
To our gender reveal
Modeling for Thinking Girls Boutique

I suggest you document Daddy to be too. After all they had a little hand in making the baby even though it’s all about mama and baby. I realized this pretty early on that no one will really ask how dad is doing. Some of his male friends from time to time would call him and give him support, obviously they knew this. Now I try to encourage others to acknowledge the daddy. That’s why I wanted him to be a part of the maternity shoot, since the other photos were mostly of me.

He was so happy to reveal the gender

Another way that I began making peace with this experience coming to an end was spending quiet quality time with myself. Of course it was about the bump, but I would enjoy down time, talking to it and making sure that I really soaked it in. I talked to my little guy about the things that were to come.

We love it so much, that this photo became our Christmas card this year

I thought of keeping a diary while I was pregnant but it was such a busy year, that it was not a realistic idea. Plus my journal is our blog. I do think it’s a great way for moms to keep all the memories together and you can always go back to re experience it all.


Tell me how did you say goodbye to your pregnancy? And if you had more than one pregnancy did it get easier to say goodbye with each?



Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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