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Have you ever been so inspired by something that you experience or have seen in your everyday life? This happened to us, actually more myself than the wife. It was a documentary on Netflix: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It documents Joe Cross on his journey to finding a way to get his health back from his autoimmune disease. Joe called his diet Reboot and that is what I’m doing, rebooting my body and health.


Wife had added this to our list of movies to watch on Netflix, I kept skipping over it. Finally, a few Sundays ago I suggested we get it over with and watch it. Not very excited or caring for it. After 5 minutes of watching Joe and his journey I was hooked. I paused it went and got pen and paper to take notes. Don’t judge, instead watch the movie. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a recipe or instructions Joe was putting out.

Reboot Front
The shorts don’t close, but these are the shorts I want to fit into. This was a thinner and healthier time for me.

This was during wife’s birthday weekend and since she’s pregnant all she wanted was churros. We already knew we had put on weight from all the birthday celebrations. My birthday was the following weekend and we had a get together with friends planned out, for a not so birthday reveal (If you read about baby, you know what it was). So I promised that the Monday following my birthday I would start my Reboot program. By the end of my birthday weekend I was looking forward to my juicing. My body felt heavy, tired and full of junk. Did I forget to say that when wife became pregnant I was the one with the craving? Yes, I looked just as pregnant as she was.

Reboot Back-1-1
While a man doesn’t carry his fat the same way as a woman, we still have to live in our skin. If we’re not happy then we are not confident.


Joe’s motivation was to live. He felt he was going to die. My motivation is that little baby in my wife’s growing belly. I have to be healthy for baby and the love of my life. We have made the choice of her staying home with baby and for her to continue her art career. It’s something I want to give them, that means people depend on me and I have to be in top notch shape.

Reboot Face
I didn’t even want to smile for photos because I knew I looked older, tired, fat and unhealthy.

Don’t think I’m this obese and completely unhealthy individual. I do love to eat but wife puts me in check and doesn’t always allow me to eat what I want. Throughout our ten years together my health has gotten better. She has lowered my cholesterol, triglycerides, and somewhat managed to maintain my weight. But I do have a major problem that hinges any diet I try to keep. I have a low testosterone problem. Something no one talked about before I found out about it. Now I see ads on TV about it all the time, but of course to promote some kind of medicine for it. Which hurts you more than helps but all this is for another post. In short the low-t affects a man’s energy and metabolism. While I used to work out or walk three miles a day in the past I have no energy to do either. So it’s a never ending cycle.

Reboot Face
I’ve always blamed my puffy eyes on genes. Yet when I’ve lost weight in the past I don’t have that, and I look younger.


If Joe can get off medicine for his skin problem and autoimmune disease I know I can do the same with my low testosterone issue which basically lowers a man’s ability to metabolize food. I have tried to tell everyone I know about this movie but people’s love affair with food is stronger. Don’t get me wrong I love food and after I reach my goal I will eat normal food from time to time but health first. I’m not sure if I will do Joe’s journey as long as he did. I’m starting with 10-day plan, see how I’m doing and if everything goes well I will do 10 more days, that makes 20, after that is only ten more days to my 30-day goal. Also I won’t be juicing the way Joe did with a typical juicer. I have the one he uses but I really hate throwing away all the pulp, and you have to use so much more fruit and vegetables to get a glass of juice. Instead I will be using my favorite, NutriBullet which basically keeps all the meat of the vegetables and fruits. Also I am not going to exercise because I want to make sure it is the diet and not working out that makes a difference.

Reboot Face
Wifey’s least favorite part of me which I also blame as hereditary. Here is a close up of another part of the swollen issues I have.

After that I have a doctor’s appointment and I’m actually excited about seeing him. It’s like I’m taking him a surprise. I hope that all my numbers go down, fingers crossed! Wife wants to join so bad but of course she can’t make any drastic changes with her being pregnant. This is going to be the first thing she does after delivery though.

Reboot Side
While I know there are heavier and unhealthier men than me, I am not happy with what I see. You can see my face, its not so much embarrassment of showing pictures to the world but of how I have not taken care of myself.

Today we started with weigh in, measurements and photographs so we can have real before and after evidence. A friend of ours is starting with me too. Kind of a support system. I hope that after my journey I can motivate some other family and close friends that we wish would get healthy because we love them. Sadly people don’t see the need to do something about their healthy until there is something wrong or like me have a baby on the way.

These are my starting numbers:

Weight 185 <- (My heaviest)

BMI 29

Medicine I should be taking: Low T and so many vitamins

Reboot Food
Find out how I do, soon

Find out more about Joe and some recipes, here.



Married to artist Leslie M. Guzman he has had to learn to go with the flow and let the adventure begin. He is a father, banker by profession and foodie by choice.


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