Quick Houston Tour: Where to Take a First Time Visitor


You always want a local, a person that knows the place you’re visiting to show you the best places and things to see. We have never been the tour guides, but always the tourists everywhere we go, so we decided to see if we really know Houston.

There is only so much time and so many places to try to squeeze in. Houston is one of those cities that you can’t see all in a short stay. It only gives you more reasons to return.


I know we are not the only city that is filled with art murals, but we do have some great art murals to show off. Some get changed and our talented local artists create something new. They have become very popular due to social media. They are the backgrounds of photoshoots and a tourist should see them and snap photographs to take back.

She just wanted to spend time with our baby


Going on the theme of art and wanting to show our vast diversity of creativity in our city, we drag anyone that comes to visit, to see them.

Rothko Chapel

We took our international guest to the Rothko Chapel. Rothko worked in his time period with Alfred Jensen, a Guatemalan abstract artist. I think that’s why I like to share this with my Guatemalan guests even more.

The Science Museum

We also took her to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We hadn’t visited in some time so we really enjoyed all the changes. I need to go back because I think there was so much you couldn’t see it all in one visit.


Right by the Houston Museum of Natural Science is the new park McGovern Centennial Gardens, part of the Herman Park Conservatory. We enjoy taking our little one and our dog on random days. This time we were leading the tour for our guest.

Not too far is Discovery Green. I have to say I’m impressed with this park. They have installations, children’s area, sitting areas, and even restaurant. While you’re there point out the George R. Brown which has had an upgrade too.


Being touristy before the rain comes down

We didn’t have too much time to explore downtown but we did show off our skyline. Saw some of our art installations and we went through the tunnels. Something I haven’t explored very much.

We avoid downtown because of traffic but we do like showing off our skyline at night. We do have a gorgeous view.


Returning the favor to my guest, since she showed me several beautiful malls in Guatemala City, I decided to take her to The Galleria. There was a particular store she wanted to buy something in and she needed to make a stop at the Apple store. That’s why I like the Galleria, all in one place.

I wanted her to see my permanent art collection at Phoenix IFS, in the financial section of the Galleria. It’s one thing to send photographs and another to see in person.

While you’re in the area take a stroll to the Williams Tower and show off our waterfall. If you’re not coming from the Galleria, there is paid parking right by the waterfall.


Sugar Land, TX

Sugar Land is filled with so much to see and do for people of all ages. From restaurants to coffee, to shopping and of course the various activities in the town center. Plus our visitor arrived during bluebonnet time. When she comes back with more time I will definitely take her to Brenham, TX, especially since there are no bluebonnets in Guatemala.

Bluebonnets & Guatemalan wear

The Heights

The Heights has a special charm to show visitors. It feels like a popular small town. You forget you’re in Houston since the houses are Victorian and full of history. Most important there is such good food places to try, art & shopping.


Our guest and my hubby have something in common, food. So we did take her to try different places. The food alone needs to be a topic of a future Houston food post for the Hungry Hubby.

Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts was one of our stops

We get visitors often, that want to explore Houston or have never been before, so I know I will be adding to this list soon.

Where do you take your out of town guests when they visit Houston?

Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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