Parenthood: Episode One, Survival of The First Week


I say episode one because to me this feels like it’s a reality show. I bet if we recorded ourselves we will see how crazy we look. The majority of this first week of parenthood was spent at the hospital but the place becomes a blur just like the days. I don’t know how the parents who perfectly and meticulously document every little moment during the first days do it. There was nothing that pretty or romantic in our case.

I was in pain, Hubby was getting used to being a dad, the baby was learning while crying and sleeping and anything that could go wrong was happening. Oh and if you add the sleep deprived to that equation, well you can imagine the outcome of all this.


I discussed the delivery on another post, that you can read about if you want all the details, here. The short version, it was a bit dramatic and traumatic, in a rush and resulted in an emergency c-section. After what felt a blink of an eye, I was a mother, we were parents. No real time for adjusting. Delivery was late at night, but we did notify family. They, of course, couldn’t come until the next day, which was better for us all. The classes do not prepare you for it, at all.

Everyone was ready to love him

Between the pain, the getting used to no baby in the belly when you looked down, to the in and out traffic of nurses and hospital staff, there is no relaxing or resting. The worst part was the constant pressure of pumping and nothing happening. The breastfeeding classes sure didn’t mention this scenario.


Home will never be the same after you leave to have your bundle of joy. No one ever mentioned this to me. Not that I had the time or thought process to take it all in and no one that it would never be this way again.

I could just watch him sleep all day

We drove to the hospital in the rain and came home from the hospital in the rain and so much cold wind. Thankfully I packed baby’s bag for several scenarios and he was nice and toasty. Now it was time to bring him into the family home, make him part of our lives and introduce him to his big brother, Mochito. That was a sight to be seen, he had no idea what the bundle was but he sure wanted to smell it and sniff it constantly.


The good, the absolutely amazing thing was that we were blessed to have a healthy little boy with ten fingers, ten toes and a complete bill of health. After so many years of being together, marriage and attempts to get pregnant we finally got what we had asked for.

The bad was that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing and no one to help or guide us. Oh, it’s not easy at all and no one or anything prepared us for how exhausting it would be. I have to say that it was good not going through it alone. I remember praying before going under that nothing happens to me because I knew Hubby couldn’t do this all alone.

From his first sponge bath, he didn’t bother waking up for it.

The issue with the milk, this is part of the things going wrong. They had me pumping since day one and nothing was happening. Since my baby boy was in NICU the first day he was given formula, that bought me a day, or so I thought. Milk never came, not even a little. I know that most people will say well there was colostrum and baby get full with that. Uhm, maybe for a tiny baby, not my baby that was born let’s say 10+ pounds. I couldn’t see any colostrum either, I didn’t see it until the day we came home and my baby gobbled it up in a few seconds. My breast pump had not arrived due to a paperwork error, so again anything that could go wrong with the milk was happening. Since baby knew I had nothing to offer him, he refused the breast. He was hungry, I don’t blame him. The milk problem is more intricate, but that is a story for another day.


After getting somewhat used to our new schedules and lives we felt we had it. Tired, sleep deprived and learning each and every day but we had it under control. Now I completely understand what my mom would say, “they don’t give parents a manual”. Definitely a true statement and even if you ask your friends, they all did things completely differently.




Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.


  • Justine @ Little Dove

    Adjusting to a new baby can be so tough, especially when you’re a first time parent! But what a perfect, sweet angel you have, and all that hair is incredible!

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