Toddler Summer Bucket List of Fun

Toddler Summer Bucket List of Fun



Don’t judge me! I didn’t think of doing a bucket list last year because my little guy was tiny and we were still getting our bearings. We did do a lot, it was on the fly kind of summer. Then earlier this summer someone shared that we only get 18 summers with our children. You know, because after that there’s no guarantee they want to hang out with mom & dad on their summers. Here I am on summer number two 😭 

TIP: This list can be used for several seasons with a toddler/kids


My little boy is ready to tackle the world ever since those little legs started scurrying all over. So it’s a must to take him out, anywhere, just somewhere. I might as well make it memorable. This is the smallest he’ll ever be, plus this means a lot of quality time as a family or mommy time!

Toddler Summer Bucket List of Fun


1. First Haircut

Most people tell me they are waiting for the first birthday for the first haircut. Well not me. I’m sure you heard me be wishy-washy about his haircut. I wanted to cut it and I didnt. I was afraid it would take away his beautiful locks and maybe even his hair color. Silly me, none of those things happened. 

2. First movie at the theater

I was nervous about this until Regals had special summer movies for kids. Perfect! No one to complain if he did make noise and if he didn’t like it and had to walk out the movie was just one dollar. Win-win.

3. Lots of swimming

We have established our little guy is a fish ever since he learned to swim. Our vacation, that happened right before summer, included a lot of swimming and even when we returned home more swimming.

4. Watch fireworks

He has watched two sets of fireworks in his life. His first was while on vacation and the second on the fourth of July. On the fourth, he sat in the back seat of my car with the top down. I think he enjoyed the top down more than the fireworks!

5.Go to a baseball game

It was time to take him to his first baseball game. We didn’t take him last year because he was still too little. I wanted to take him to celebrate the Astros big world series but I knew that was pushing it too far with a little guy.

First Baseball Game Summer Bucket List


At first, I had no idea what to put on his summer list. Maybe it was me rushing planning it while summer had already begun, or that hey I’m still getting used to this mama role. I love the internet you find anything, plus I read several blogs with great ideas on how to entertain your little one, including my friends’ blog, Val Around Town. The point is making your list your own, to the likes and tastes of your little one. Make it as long or short as you want. I’m keeping ours short because it’s all things we will be doing several times throughout the summer to keep us busy. Plus he’s little. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your summer!

What do you add on your bucket lists? Inspire me!

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