Our Best of the Best of 2016


This year started slow, but it only lasted a few weeks. On his first extended weekend hubby suggested a road trip to New Mexico. I forget why he choose New Mexico of all places, but off we went.

New Mexico
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Then we took a little down time, forcefully because I was in the talks of my art exhibit and trying to complete the series that was to be the show. Then came April, I needed a few photos to complete this series and off we went to Guatemala.

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We decided to share with the world that we were expecting a little bebé. Our little one was inside while we were adventuring in Guatemala, we knew of course so we were very careful. But if our little one turns out to be a travel addict like us, there is a pin on his world map already.

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I decided to start a fashion section of our blog. It began because I refused to let it get complicated or expensive to dress my bump. Of Course I was trying to stay true to my conversion of my minimalist closet.

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George, the husband decided to be healthier and began a reboot. Becoming a father really motivated him to be healthy for his little family. I’m thankful that he thinks about me and now our little one.

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Although I was busy and couldn’t really travel we took off on another road trip to Corpus Christi. We planned it so we could spend quality time with our friend that has moved to California. We ended up getting to know Corpus and eat our way through it.

Surfing Jesus
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I participated in a very interesting art exhibit at the Holocaust Museum of Houston title Genocide. It was a very strong show and I was beyond honored to be a part of this group exhibit that was put together by two big deals in the Houston art scene, Gus Kopriva and Clint Willour.

READ more about the GENOCIDE exhibit
READ more about the GENOCIDE exhibit

Bebé Anderson a friend baby shower, then Bebé A. family baby shower and last my Phi Mu sorority baby shower all in one month. It was amazing to spend time with friends and family that knew our struggle and desire for a child. They showered our baby with so much love.

Friend Baby Shower
Friend Baby Shower
Family Baby Shower
Family Baby Shower
Sorority Baby Shower
Sorority Baby Shower

The big day I was working towards all year, my solo art exhibit arrived. My show titled Fragments, all came together pretty well and I got a lot of great feedback from friends, family, art collectors and art lovers.

READ about the Fragments Exhibit
READ about the Fragments Exhibit

Last on our magnificent year was the arrival of our little person. Life With Salsa baby is the best of all our highlights of 2016.

We became PARENTS!
We became PARENTS!

We had a great 2016, but we KNOW 2017 will be filled with new and exciting adventures and another phase in our lives. Happy New Year and wishing that your years were filled with great things and to set amazing goals for 2017…



Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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