Must-Have Little Things For Baby, That Make a Huge Difference: From The Point of View of a


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Hello to all fathers and fathers to be. Those that are not yet, this little shortlist are a few things I think are absolutes from a man’s perspective.

Yes, I know you women, are going to read this, first of all, y’all are a bit nosey, second I’m hoping you read it to help out your man because he doesn’t think like a girl and doesn’t have a clue what’s offered for babies and trust me all things baby related are very girly in nature. I know this statement may sound a bit sexist but you will get where I’m coming from by the end of the article.


Okay so to the guys baby stuff can be cool and you can still be a typical man in what you want. Let’s discuss diaper bags. Tell me, men, you don’t just get a chuckle at some poor guy carrying a HUGE pink, lavender, yellow, sky-blue, pastel-ly, flowery diaper bag? Yes, these things are hideous and totally unnecessary.  Yes, ladies unnecessary, I said it! Babies have very short time windows where you can take them out and show them off…. so the bag doesn’t need to be anything bigger than a half shoulder backpack.

Guys, I googled it for you and apparently these things are called “Sling bags” or “Sling backpacks” and you can get them at your favorite sporting goods store or online, no need to raise your estrogen levels going bag shopping! These things are big enough for two diapers, a travel size wipe dispenser, two changes of clothes, pacifier wipes (which we will talk about later), a small fold up changing pad, burp cloth, and a toy! The cool thing is to get a bag that already has a water bottle carrier on the side, for a baby bottle of course. Now you look like a normal man! And yes ladies it all fits!

Now this one is nice, should have bought this!


Second on my list for guys is a baby carrier. Oh Lord, this is where a man looks like a whipped puppy because these things are just as ridiculous as the diaper bags. You all know what I am saying so don’t act like I am saying you have seen that man with the huge girly diaper bag and girly baby carrier standing there by his wife who is chatting away with her friends and he looks like he has to do this otherwise she will tell her friends he is a jerk.

They do sell rugged outdoors looking baby carriers, Im so happy with mine, but for that couple that doesn’t want two baby carriers, ladies… PLEASE give in and get a standard Black or Beige or a dark navy blue is acceptable too, no baby slings for men! Women, it doesn’t matter whether you have a boy or a girl a man has a reputation and a look he tries his best to maintain so that he at least looks and feels like he wears the pants in the family. Think about it, it may be about the baby but just like you his friends say stuff too.

There are other kinds, this is similar to mine, photo from Amazon


The third thing on the list and I think the women will agree with me on this baby swaddles. Get the kind with velcro! Yes, this is a man thing. We were blessed with an 11 lbs baby (fine 10 lbs 15 ounces, my wife gets mad if I round up) wrapping a child in a swaddle blanket isn’t hard, keeping them in it depending on size is the hard part. Swaddle blankets with velcro (I call them baby straight jackets) keeps that baby all warm and snug and helps them sleep a little better. Why velcro kind you ask? These things are so easy, lay them down, grab the baby, put them in middle, wrap them up, velcro them in… easy a guy can do it.

We gift these now, perfect. Since we never took photos of ours, here are pictures from Amazon


The fourth thing is a dual entry, pacifiers, and pacifier wipes. Guys this is where you will have to go to the baby store or shop online but these are a must have and get 4 or more of them trust me you will lose them….. GLOW IN THE DARK PACIFIERS! Now, guys, they come in different sizes depending on your child’s age so pay attention.

I seem to forget to tell the wife to photograph it. Photo from AMAZON

These things are great at night because yes your baby will spit them out and you need to search for them in the dark, it is much easier if you can see them! Pacifier wipes, I mentioned these earlier, you need these, get them, your baby will spit a pacifier out on the ground several times. Yes, I did get those pacifier string things to tie to the baby, but you still need to clean them off, before sticking back in their mouths.

We’ve purchased these too, there are so many different brands that carry them.


Last on the list is the car seat! I will get a lot of pushback on this but DON’T, I will stress this DO NOT waste money on the kind that has a carrying handle basket style that snaps in the infant carrier, you will only end up having to buy another car seat very soon to adjust for baby’s size. They have car seats that adjust from newborn up through toddler stage, etc.  Those basket things may look like a great idea but honestly the first 12 weeks you really shouldn’t be out showing off baby, and after that, you have developed enough muscle to carry your child in your arms, that bulky nightmare basket is heavier than the baby!

Since ours is a mess since our little one gets it that way, here is one I found on Amazon

Being a new father is the greatest thing in the world. I have a boy, but I am sure having a girl is no difference in feeling. A man wants to feel like a man and wants to be proud carrying their child. Men, becoming a father doesn’t mean your ideas can’t work, you just have to show your partner.  Hope this short list helps. As I learned to be a father I will pass on these small thoughts of wisdom.

Married to artist Leslie M. Guzman he has had to learn to go with the flow and let the adventure begin. He is a father, banker by profession and foodie by choice.

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