Love For The Road: Time Away Means a Last Minute Road Trip


Our tiny family is that, tiny just two parents in love with their little baby and a fur baby. We really don’t have family events or occasions here in Texas. This year I had this huge desire to be around family. Maybe because this year we took Zev to Guatemala and we got to spend sincere quality time with so many loved ones, that I wanted to get that feeling during the holidays. I have family scattered around the United States. So it was just a matter of deciding who and where to go.




If you haven’t read a single post on my blog you don’t know we LOVE the road. So much that we are really planning the Van Life! But that is something for another post. Since we started dating we have been on numerous road trips short and long. Our little guy’s first trip was a road trip. I think this family will always have road trips.

Back to the story about our Thanksgiving road trip. Originally we were going to jump on a plane and take advantage of Zev not paying for a ticket. FYI kids fly free until the age of two. (Not that my lap appreciates it, since he is a big boy)

Once we talked about our destination of Maryland to see my cousin, and getting to meet his new baby, we realized there was no way we could just do one stop. My mom’s cousin is in New Jersey, which is only three hours from Maryland. Hmmm… We both looked at each other and knew that there was no way to visit one without visiting the other. Not to mention I wanted to see both, and both of them wanted to meet our little guy in person. Social media can only show a tiny bit of your family life plus it doesn’t translate the love and emotions you can in person. We tried planning a multi-stop trip but it was crazy pricey, it was also kind of last minute. So a road trip it was! 


Originally we were going to just see it for a few hours at best, after visiting Memphis but Memphis got cut from the itinerary when we found out no dogs allowed in Graceland. This opened the door for an entire day plus staying one night in Nashville.


Loveless Cafe – You know I’m not the foodie in our family but I go along for the tasting. This was the place I kept coming across on anything about Nashville. So we had to try it, it was tasty, I especially liked the hash which I’m normally not a huge fan of but I would think twice before I make the detour. At least I can say we tried it and found out what everyone was talking about.

Prince’s Hot Chicken – Originally we weren’t going to go to Prince’s because it was a bit far from where we were staying, but after a few disappoint no parking finding moments of extreme frustration we saw it as a sign from the universe to make the drive. OK, I have to say hands down this was SO WORTH the drive to the other side of town! As in the hubby finger lincking liked it, baby (not spicy) and mama absolutely loved it. Plus it’s the original hot chicken place.

Biscuit Love – Every since I became pregnant I have a new love with donuts, and this place was calling my name in all the research I did, for their version of donut/biscuit. They were good, they were right there with Loveless Cafe.

If you talk to hubby he’ll tell you Nashville gave him a headache, as it seemed we we’re always making left turns. Not to mention that we could never find parking, I mean you could if you paid for parking, it seemed everywhere. I think we’ve been spoiled in Houston having free parking options.

Love For The Road: Time Away Means a Last Minute Road Trip
I found it, tried the Biscuit Love


Ok this was not really my destination, I just wanted to see the trails to the Smokey mountains. I found a dog friendly trail about an hour away from our drive to our next stop. GPS wasn’t exactly precise in Nashville so we ended up missing a turn. But it was ok, because we saw some beautiful country side and spend quality time talking and making fun of hubby for getting us lost.


Once I confirmed to my cousin we would be coming to visit, his sister wanted a visit. So that meant adding Roanoke to our list. We were already behind our loosely based itinerary. Although we didn’t have a real schedule the people we were visiting did, work.
There were things I wanted to stop and see in Roanoke but couldn’t. Family time came first. I hadn’t seen my cousin in a few years and we both had kids now so it was much to catch up on. So hubby and I agreed on returning for tourist time.


First destination ✔️

Family time and reunion. It had been two years since I saw my cousin and we now had children. It was great to spend time with family and see Zev run around with his cousins.


First time for me visiting Washington DC. It was so cold! We had left the heat of Houston to get to bundle yourself tight weather! Quick sigh seeing tour. Definitely returning to see all the museums.


Destination number two ✔️✔️

Turkey day! Ok I love turkey day (Thanksgiving day) because I looooove turkey. No turkey in NJ. Cousin’s kids don’t like turkey! Weirdos! I mean that in the cutest most loving way. Oh how I missed my turkey but it’s ok family time made up for it.


You can’t go to NJ on not ake stop in New York. Last time I was in N New York I fell for Central Park and it was summer time. I want to see this Park in all its seasons. So I had a mission to take Zev to see Central Park in Fall weather or so I thought. It felt more like winter! We missed the snow by two days but not the ice feel. I got my photographs, my baby ever the trooper ran around the leaves but that was it. He wasn’t having the cold weather, he asked to get back in his toasty stroller and got cuddled and slept the entire time we were being tourists. He woke up just in time to leave NY and steak my giant pretzel.


The trip wasn’t as adventurous as the way up was. Not because it didn’t have it’s charm or possibilities of it. We just knew we had a smaller window to get back. You learn this from road trips with children and dogs. We had both so we know out timeline. They are both ok being on the adventure and being in hotels or strange homes as long as we’re all together but after awhile they want their routines back and they start showing it. So we definitely made it back home faster.

Oh yes definitely, but such a long road trip such as this will be left for the VaN LiFE!,

Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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