First Trimester: Favorite Items & Things Learned


All women are different, we are after all complex individuals. So you never know how easy or hard your first trimester of pregnancy will be. I was on the hard and super unbearable side.  But I learned a few things on my own because every time I asked my mama friends or family they acted like they had never heard of what was happening to me.  All these multiple time mommies can’t give me any good advice, tsk tsk.I have compiled a list of my favorite items for the first trimester. This is based on my experience, so what works for me may not work for others.


I never had such dry skin before pregnancy. I do have rosacea, have to wash and care for my skin when I breakout. Pregnancy hit and I had desert patches for skin, as in super dry skin. I would look into my mirror and you could see the patches of dry skin. My skin felt it too! It was as if my skin couldn’t stretch. I tried different moisturizers and covering with makeup to no avail, you could still see the dry desert I had for skin.

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I was at the store looking for something new to wash and moisturize my skin with and I came across my life saving soap. I felt the difference as soon as I tried it. It became part of my daily routine and sometimes I use it in the morning and night and my skin is back to pre pregnancy elasticity.


Yes I know all pregnant take them but not all prenatal are the same. Again maybe some women don’t experience any reactions to all the pills on the shelves at the grocery store. I did, horribly!

I found mine at Whole Foods

I was constantly nauseous with stomach aches and always on the verge of throwing up. I felt I spent most of my second month either on the couch or running to the bathroom thinking I was going to throw up. Poor hubby of mine, had to always hear how much this pregnancy was killing me. Of course listening to all the pregnant mamas advice, which I would advice DO NOT LISTEN TO, ask your doctor instead. One lady told me to drink them early to have it in my system as a I eat. WRONG. Another told me to drink them at night before going to bed so that I wouldn’t feel the nausea, SUPER WRONG. That made me incredibly sick and I actually began throwing up in the middle of the night.


That same night since we couldn’t sleep after my ordeal and my pain. Hubby got on the internet and searched for better prenatal. We found the best prenatal for me at Whole Foods.


The ugly part of pregnancy that no one speak about, constipation happens. Yup, nobody warned me about this and what to do. I did talk to my doctor about it, she encouraged me to eat more fiber. Which I tried hard to reach my required fiber amount and protein. Still I was suffering.


Then she gave me the go ahead of taking Psyllium husk pills. I choose organic psyllium husk pills and they became part of my daily pill routine. It did help me.


These are just things I learned along the way. Some from trial and error others from reading blogs. Pinterest & blogs are your friends right now.




While most people would like to jump at buying maternity clothes. You don’t have to, if you are not going crazy eating and claiming you’re eating for two you won’t really gain weight. Your clothes still fit.

I was already past a month pregnant wearing my normal clothes.

I read from another blogger that I shouldn’t buy bigger underwear and bras. She was so right. You may have to roll your underwear when you swell a bit but not really to where NEED new bigger sizes. Don’t make my mistake.


What you eat & do not eat is so important. Yet when I asked the ladies in my life how they did it since you have to eat so much protein & fiber, they didn’t know what I was talking about. One actually knew about it but said it was too hard and she choose to eat whatever she wanted.  If you get the honor of being a mother to be and having life inside of you, then you should be doing everything possible to be healthy and giving your baby everything they need and not junk.


Pregnant ladies need: 70 grams of protein a day & 25-30 grams of fiber a day. Myfitnesspal became my best friend so that I could keep track of everything I needed to eat.


Water is something everyone should be drinking but while pregnant it’s more important and mandatory, not a choice. Plant Nanny app helped me keep track. Surprising how many women will drink other beverages instead. I was told by my lady friends to drink juices and milk. Juices have too much sugar which we should avoid to not get gestational diabetes and milk is not great for everyone, example me who is lactose intolerant. Yet all these women would tell hubby I HAD to drink it and he began overdosing me with it. This caused me to get sick! As in pain and more nauseous than I already was. So do not listen to anyone, ask your doctor.

Make sure you are drinking your 8 to 10 glasses of water, it all depends on your weight and activity level. If you don’t keep yourself hydrated you will feel it trust me, as in you will get constipated. Plus your doctor will notice, every doctor’s visit they check your urine and that is one of the things they can find out.


My first trimester was not the best. I had a couple of scares and was not the best experience. I wish I would have had someone give me these tips so I could have had a more pleasant time, so now I’m giving this advice and hopeful that it will help another mommy to be. Especially if they have friends like I do, that conveniently forget everything. I have come to the conclusion that women DO experience these bad things but they completely block it from their minds after they have their baby. Think about it and tell me if I’m wrong.



Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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