Welcoming The Cooler Season with First Fall Activity - Pumpkin Patch

Welcoming the Cooler Season with First Fall Activity – Pumpkin Patch


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I say that going to a pumpkin patch is a must for the fall season, yet this is my very first time being to one. We didn’t grow up doing traditional American family activities but I want to change this for my little guy. I want to expose him to as much as I can and as much as he wants to be dragged to.

Welcoming The Cooler Season with First Fall Activity - Pumpkin Patch


Since we are new to the pumpkin tradition I was left to figure out where to go. The husband and sister just go where I tell them. There are so many to choose from, big and small. I came across Halter Inc. pumpkin patch through Groupon. When I found out the funds are for a good cause it made it even better, their proceeds go to training mini horses as therapy animals for children with special needs. all I wanted was to show my little guy a pumpkin patch and lots of pumpkins for his photoshoot.


If you haven’t noticed I am a big fan of documenting my baby’s firsts. Firsts of any holidays, seasons, milestones you name it, I probably have a photo or video.

Welcoming The Cooler Season with First Fall Activity - Pumpkin Patch

With fall season means pumpkins and Halloween and the promise of cooler weather. I say promise because I don’t believe we will get fall-like weather here in Texas. The little guy can sit on his own so I knew I could take beautiful photos of him for his first pumpkin patch fun. Plus Daddy wanted to spoil him, he bought the pumpkin Zev wouldn’t let go of, it wasn’t little either.


As I mentioned before we didn’t get to do this as we were growing up, so my sister enjoyed bringing her own son to the pumpkin patch. Although everything rotates around the baby of the family these days, we do cater to the children. We got some adorable cousin photos and they had so much fun.


Even though everyone goes for the pumpkin patches there is more than just pumpkins to see and do. There was a haunted trail, a petting zoo and you could feed the animals, pony rides and other things that we didn’t get to do because our little boy was exhausted.

Welcoming The Cooler Season with First Fall Activity - Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin patch activity will be done again next year.  We did get lots of firsts and so much cuteness. #FamilyFun

Give me advise for next year. Which pumpkin patches do you like and why?


We had so much fun making memories for our little man that we were back to the pumpkin patch this year. This year we made it joint fun with family friends. I think that the pumpkin patch is a clear sign that the fall season has arrived. It’s fascinating to see the growth in my little guy in just one year.

I love buying him in a new hat each season. He got a matching hat with his Dad this time. FIND IT HERE

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  • Jess T.

    I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch before! Growing up, my family was very religious and didn’t celebrate Halloween. This year will be my first time going, and I’m glad to try it out. The pictures with the orange hues of the pumpkin and grainy hay always create great scenes for photos.

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