Fashion Friday: Thinking Boutique Modeling & Shopping

MODELING DEBUT, ALL BUMPS SHOULD BE SHOWN OFFI’m umpteenth months pregnant, or so it feels. I have a few outfits I absolutely need. One my baby shower outfit, my maternity shoot (might be the same) and my upcoming solo show art exhibit outfit. So when I was asked about stopping by this cute boutique to model some of their new outfits, I said yes.



Maternity makes you feel like a whole new woman, so I felt I could rock the runway with my bump in tow. I joke but it was a fun experience and I was able to get to know about Thinking Boutique by Alicia and the boutique’s friendly owner.



This boutique has a lot of super chic clothes. I tried on clothes I normally don’t even turn twice to look at. Example long dresses, I never buy or look at them because I’m short and felt that I look heavier or shorter. Well, I don’t know what it was about the dresses at Thinking Boutique but I was loving long dresses!


Obviously Alicia knows how to pick her merchandise thinking of the average woman and how to make them look fabulous. I honestly left the boutique feeling beautiful and like a model. Hey, I looked great in my photos! Not once did I feel like the giant blimp I usually feel like because of my growing bump.


According to me, I was looking for one of the outfits I mentioned earlier. No, I ended up loving outfits that were not exactly for those events, it was just items I wanted to have in my closet. But I did find one outfit I could not pass up, you will just have to keep up to find out what event it’s for.



This boutique is not just clothing and accessories, it also had little beautiful pieces from around the world. The owner and I have a major obsession in common, traveling. Walking into the boutique you get a tiny taste of the parts of the world she has traveled. I saw items that reminded me of my own country, Guatemala. I saw things from Mexico, Russia, and other exotic countries.


I believe traveling is a unique experience that no one can take from you, unlike material items. You can understand that in other travel addicts such as Thinking Boutique owner, Alicia. Her passion for travel is in the photographs, art, accessories, and trinkets all around her store.



As much as just want to say just go fall in love with this boutique, you will understand, I know some of you will feel the exact way I did when I left and returned to the store. Yes, I have been back!


If you fell in love with one of the outfits featured here, I say go pretty soon. She doesn’t carry a huge number of each style. Which I appreciate even more because I don’t like looking like everyone else.

DISCLOSURE: I purchased my clothing, I did not get a discount or get anything for free. This is my own honest opinion of Thinking Boutique.



Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.


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