Fashion Friday: Maternity Beach Wedding Outfit

Pregnant ladies go through a weird bump stage. You know that stage where your clothes still fit but somewhat tight at times or when you just start looking like you’re gaining weight and not pregnant. That’s where I was.

(Plus I only had that one special item I bought in the beginning)

I had a wedding to attend for one of my sorority sisters and she was having a beach wedding. Of course nothing in my closet worked. Not to mention that my shoes were not fitting. Weird that my clothes fit but not my shoes.

I wanted a pair of summer sandals, it was time, all my other sandals were dead. I wear sandals a lot. But with pregnant feet it’s hard to shop for shoes. I bought a pair at Aldo, the super cute Ashley sandals. Two days later I wanted to make sure the sandals looked good on my ever growing pregnant swollen feet. Nope, they didn’t fit. Yet I had gone with a half-size larger than I usually buy. So I had to make another trip to return my pretty sandals.

My bump is growing

Almost giving up hope I stopped by Ross, (told you I love Ross) and although I wa being a pessimist I found a pair of neutral leather sandals for under $20 and I did buy an entire size larger but it gave room for those days that my feet swell.

With my sorority sister who was a happy bride

On that first shopping trip that I bought my Aldo’s Ashley sandals I found a dress that could be pulled off in this beach wedding. The material was comfortable and stretchy. Which I have learned is key with pregnancy, comfort. Plus it was only $15 which meant not as expensive as a maternity dress that I can only wear a few times.


With the ever growing belly I dread planning something where I have to dress up. Since I can’t plan too in advance what I will wear because the bump could grow.

The changes are obvious now

Hubby surprised me with Wicked Tickets for my birthday. I love Wicked, we have been but it was six years ago, it was time to go again. Right away I started thinking what I was going to wear. Then I thought about the dress I wore for the beach wedding. All I needed to do is change the accessories and put some heels on.

I find myself looking down at the bump now

The heals fit and it looked nice with the dress. But the heels were a no-no. By the end of the night my feet were swollen and didn’t need to be in heels. Someone should tell me what to  wear, I can’t be in flats for 9 months!

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