Fashion Friday: First Maternity Outfit

This is how it went, I found out I was pregnant and I thought I was going to blow up by the following week. That next week though, I was going to be out of the country and I guess I must have imagined there are no stores for me to go shopping in another country.

The dress is like this except with longer sleeves. Photo Credit
The back of the dress. Photo Credit
The back of the dress. Photo Credit

I panicked a tiny bit and went shopping and found this comfortable little black dress that could stretch with me as I got bigger. It is not a maternity dress, but I call it a maternity dress. I found it at Ross for $10, I love Ross by the way because of those prices!

My Black Dress
My comfy dress that stretches with my growing bump

It had sleeves but I could roll them up and with the jersey material which is so thin that it didn’t feel hot. After I purchased the dress I realized I was being a bit crazy, so I only bought that one dress. I wasn’t even showing, all my clothes fit and I was just a new silly pregnant woman.

1 OneMonth-1
One Month Photo


I wore it for my first month photos and then took it with me on our Guatemala trip. I wore it in so many ways while on the trip. As a dress, as a shirt and for lounging around. It was that easy to throw on and wash.

With my sweet Gandmother
Don’t mind the lack of makeup. I threw on the dress as a loose shirt with a pair of jeans.

I came back and wanted to hide my growing bump until I was ready to announce our pregnancy. I had a reunion with my sorority sisters and as much as I wanted to tell them the good news I had to hide it. So I wore my dress as a shirt with a belt and black pants. I was told by several of them that I looked like I had lost weight 😉

Phi Mu
A belt turned it into a shirt

Now that the bump is getting bigger I’m sticking to wearing it more in the house since it doesn’t look too much like a dress anymore. At least for a soon to be mommy. The bump is bigger so the dress is more of a shirt than a dress.

My growing bump in my comfy dress



Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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