The Best Day: Day of The Father


My first Father’s Day and first father’s day post. Personally, I hate writing, but my wife felt I needed to record the moment in life if for no other reason than for my son to be able to read it later in life. So here goes my two cents.

First off, being a new father has been an adventure, to say the least, no worries I won’t tell you all the mushy good stuff, rather tell you what I think about being a father. First thing out I have joined the club of “You will understand when you have your own child…” which frankly is a worthless club. My mother and father as well, as your mothers and fathers…. don’t act like I am the only one, have always said this to me and all of you when you were growing up!  GUESS WHAT?!?! There is nothing to understand! This is a parents way of telling you, their child, you, were being difficult and it is all your fault you were being difficult and I hope to God you get a child just like you so that you know what I went through!

If you wanted a child or you didn’t… you have one and it isn’t like you can call a stork to come back and for a pick up if things aren’t working right …..Sure you can “go out for milk and never come back”….or You could blame your partner for everything that goes wrong….or You could blame the village for not teaching you…..(Sorry I had to throw that one in there.) The fact is NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT TAKING CARE OF A CHILD! I know I am going to get some hate on this because there are so many mothers and fathers who have their OWN versions of the perfect way to burp, swaddle, bottle feed, clean, diaper changing, dress, sleep through the night, etc. There are a million websites claiming this, that or the other. There are so so so so many YouTube videos that you could go crazy deciphering which ones are for real. Regardless they are all just examples and it is your job to figure it out. YOUR CHILD DIDN’T COME WITH A MANUAL and the manuals that are out there claiming they know, truthfully can only give you part of the answers.

So  here is  what I have learned as a new father:

1) He or She is Your Child and it is Your Fault, especially if they do something wrong.

2) He or She is not like anyone else’s child and neither are you and your wife.

3) Your Job as a Father is to first remember you and your wife made this child together, so no matter how many mistakes you or your spouse make … HATING on each other doesn’t make raising he or she any easier. It is a JOINT Effort always, no matter who forgot what or didn’t do or whatever.

4) As a father, you should attempt to make every effort to get things right…YOU WON’T!…. but try!

5) Try remembering you and your partner are going to be sleep deprived, do your best to remember you loved your partner before pregnancy, hence why you got pregnant. A little love, a special thank you, a recognition of what you did, even if it wasn’t what was supposed to be done, goes a long way.

6) Remember you are a MAN act like one! If you have a son start setting examples of being a true man! If you have a daughter treat your wife like you would want a man to treat your daughter.

Last but most important,

7) Wake up every day and hold your child, play with your child, sing with your child, dance with your child, laugh with your child, cry with your child and anything else you can think of,  BECAUSE THIS IS THE SMALLEST THEY WILL EVER BE (wife’s words) and quoting Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!”

Rant over, this was just my two cents. Fatherhood is awesome!


Married to artist Leslie M. Guzman he has had to learn to go with the flow and let the adventure begin. He is a father, banker by profession and foodie by choice.

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