Casa Santo Domingo Antigua Guatemala Where to Eat & Be Inspired with Views

Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day, Especially if Gorgeous Views Are Included + Get Inspired


Ok I’ll be honest “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was drilled into my head since I can remember. For the longest time I treated as so. Then one day I realized, I’m not a huge breakfast person. If you know me, you know I rarely eat breakfast.

Now you’re confused, I know. I would have gone back to check the title of this post too. You’re in the right place.That is the magic of Guatemala, it has the power to change me. While in the city, I’m usually with family and that means eating breakfast at home. But this is all about me getting to explore Antigua on my own, and that means trying to find the gorgeous views that Antigua has to offer.

The View from Posada de Don Pedro Antigua Guatemala
View from the rooftop of La Posada de Don Rodrigo

Traveling with a little child you know you have to be prepared with food and/or be at a restaurant at appropriate meal times. With our child, a perfect mixture of his parents, he is a foodie, loves to eat out. Plus this makes for a great way to introduce new foods to him.


My cousin kept saying she was going to take me to Los Tres Tiempos in the city. She lied, she never took me! I joke, it just never worked in our schedule. She reminded me there was one in Antigua, so I added it to our list.

The waiter was a bit surprised that I asked to sit in their “terraza” (rooftop) since it was pretty hot outside. I smiled, because how many times do I get to eat breakfast and see my beautiful Antigua in the background. Beauty is pain! In reality, coming from the Texas heat, Guatemala’s heat felt like springtime. So it was not hot, we had the rooftop to ourselves, we were able to admire the views and let out little guy run around. He was attracted to all the colorful decor, from the chairs to the tables and the food, beautiful vibrant colors. Color is my jam! The food was amazing and just sitting there I could feel the creativity, not just me, hubby was in awe and his wheels were turning. Before we left he had several ideas for our future house, that we hope to build.

Colorful Breakfast in Los tres Tiempos Antigua Guatemala
Colors and Delicious Food
Love this Patio at Los Tres Tiempos

Our waiter was a local, Antigueño, super sweet and attentive. He gave us pointers on where to go for lunch and dinner with so I can continue my art inspiration. As we were leaving another waitress stopped and talked to us, super sweet and she saw me admiring the gorgeous chairs and she told me the story of the restaurant. The owner, who is obviously super creative and I should meet him one day, choose to design and decorate the restaurant with a mix of Guatemalan textures and trinkets. So if you look around there is a mixture of both modern, yet it screams Guatemala. I love, love, love places like this. I hope one day for my gallery/store /any kind of business I own to follow this kind of culture design.


If you are visiting Antigua or have visited I promised you have walked past this little cozy gem. We sure did and always brushed it off. It’s in the main square next to a bunch of other stores and El Mercadito. (Maybe that’s why I got distracted) It was on my list of recommendations so I wasn’t going to miss out this time. 

When we walked in it didn’t call my attention, then I asked the waitress if there was a patio which she was kind enough to guide us on. There was indeed a patio, and another patio and then another patio.We finally decided on the coziest for us. There was a table under a tree with shade and in a corner where we could be alone yet people watch. So this wasn’t the view like the previous restaurant but it still was a view. It was an indoor view. This view made you envision how the houses of Antigua were back in the day. This restaurant was once someone’s home. Can you imagine this amazing pation in your home? I definitely want just a tiny piece of it in my house.

I forgot to snap a photograph of the patios in Café Condesa, they have so many cute stores that distracted me. I didn’t see access to a rooftop here, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have one. Once I saw the patios we didn’t even ask. The inspiring view is within.

Breakfast Spread at Cafe Condesa Antigua Guatemala
Breakfast spread
Coffee at Cafe Condesa WAKES you


I know, I know, it’s a hotel! Open mind people, remember our AMAZING chilaquiles at the Holiday Inn in Puerto Vallarta? Exactly. We passed this hotel each time we were headed to our own hotel and it always caught my eye to look inside. The staff were always so nice, and greeted me with Pase Adelante which means come on in. But I never did, until we decided to have breakfast there. 

Gorgeous Hotel
My weakness, Guatemalan Food
Just one angle of the views

Let me tell you, I’m staying at this hotel when I go back to Antigua. Yes, it was that adorable! The food was simple yet your traditional Guatemalan breakfast. The waiter seemed to know that we are the people watching kind, because he put us in the perfect table for it. We could see everyone and the courtyard. Out of all the breakfasts places we went to in Antigua on this trip, this place inspired me the most. The hotel itself feels like your walking in time but that it’s cared for, loved. It’s rustic but elegant if that makes sense. There are so many plants and flowers everywhere. Finally, the only thing that would have made me love it more, the terraza, the rooftop. Wish they would have sat us there, I don’t think I would have left. 


If you know me, you know I LOVE this hotel. I’ve yet to stay in it because it’s a bit further from the main plaza but this is the place where I wanted to get married at. Yes, it’s that gorgeous. Since I love the place, I tend to make a stop at least once while in Antigua. This place is a hotel, an art gallery, ruins, church and restaurant, jack of all trades!  

Casa Santo Domingo Antigua Guatemala Where to Eat & Be Inspired
A little bit of everything
Casa Santo Domingo Antigua Guatemala Where to Get Married & Be Inspired
Outdoor mass, and maybe a wedding

We visited Casa Santo Domingo for brunch on a Sunday, so I know it’s kind of not breakfast but if you’re a late riser, it kind of is. I couldn’t skip out on suggesting this place because out of all the places on the list, it had the BEST food. It’s a brunch buffet, so you get to taste a little of all the different foods of Guatemala. If you are starting out, this should be your first stop, then you’ll know what foods are your favorites or not. 

You can catch glimpses of the hotel & courtyard as your eating or you can wait until you’re are finished to take a stroll through this beauty. Catch the art show on view right in front of the restaurant, I always do. I’ve been lucky to meet the artist before. This place has a romantic feel to it, it could easily be a honeymoon hotel.

Casa Santo Domingo Antigua Guatemala Where to Eat & Be Inspired with Views
View from Casa Santo Domingo


First of all, you know I’ll be back to Antigua, it’s my happy place. Second now I will be having more breakfasts when I come, plus all the places mentioned have lunch and dinner. Win Win. What did I take out of all this eating and courtyard hopping? It recharged me, creatively speaking. All the colorful flowers, the rustic architecture and amazing views of the volcano and Antigua’s background, is and continues to be the inspiration to a lot of my artwork.

I’ll update this post when I find other perfect places to get inspired for breakfast. I leave you with a few on my list to check off, when I go back.

  • Cerro San Cristobal
  • El Viejo Cafe
  • Luna de Miel

What do you do to get creatively recharged? Inspire me! 

Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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