Baby’s First Travel Experience: California Love


Back on the road again.

We were at a standstill since I became pregnant. We did go to Guatemala but that was when I was one month. We then drove a short distance to Corpus Christi later in the year but that was pretty much it for travel in 2016 for us.

So we start 2017 with a long road trip to California. Why drive? Well, our little one is still too little and still developing his immune system with no immunizations, in my opinion too many germs on a plane. If I get sick every time I get on a plane, I don’t even want to think what would happen to my little one.

This way we could stop to breastfeed and change diapers and not be scared that people would hate us for having a fussy baby. The plus, Mochito also got to go. I’m not ready to take the baby AND our puppy on any flight.


The destination was not random. My sister and best friend both live in sunny California and neither could make it to Texas to meet the baby. One came for my art exhibit and the other came for my baby shower. We decided to surprise them both by taking the baby to them. At the rate our little one is growing they would have seen him walking if I didn’t go to them.


We were there mostly to spend quality baby time with our family. But while we travel we have to eat good food. No worries the family we went to see took all precautions to not get baby sick. We love them for not questioning it and getting shots for our little one.

There wasn’t that much time to eat out, especially when you are on a baby’s schedule. There will be many future California trips and I have my list of places I want to try.

El Fortin #3 in Oxnard California an AMAZING Oaxacan Mexican restaurant.

Street Quesadillas in Los Angeles California outside Club Cobra in Los Angeles has this one very talented lady who makes delicious quesadillas.

Original Tommy’s in Los Angeles, California one must stop by the famous Tommy’s.

Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles California I wanted to try Roscoe’s, they are pretty known for their waffles, tasty chicken too. I’m still curious if we went to the original one or not.

Two Trees Restaurant & Taps in Ventura California have some of the most delicious burgers my stomach has tasted.

Too many yummy details on these few places, that I’ll let the hubby tell them to you in a separate post. Especially since he is the Foodie of our travel team.


If we could we would have stayed longer. For some quality time with my loved ones. But both of us had to get back to work. Two of my pieces got into an exhibition juried by Lester Marks and I needed to be back for the reception. My first one of the year and first as a mother. Both pieces were created while pregnant, technically collaborations of my baby and me.


We love road trips, Mochito normally loves them too and our baby was a trooper but we will not be doing another long road trip anytime soon. Why? Mochito was a handful because our destination included other dogs and he is antisocial when it comes to other dogs. I swear he thinks he’s a human. So he didn’t make this trip easy. My baby eats a lot and often, so what made that hard was the constant stopping to breastfeed, although I tried to bottle feed as we drove, not as often. We wanted to be able to burp and change him, so we constantly had to stop. Not many changing tables along the way. Hubby didn’t want me going out on my own with the baby, so he went to try to change him and most times found no changing tables in the men’s restroom. We gave up eventually and changed him in the backseat.

Maybe we will do shorter road trips or tiny day trips until our baby is ready to be on a plane, especially for the long-distance trips. Either way, we won’t stop traveling. He is after all the child of two very addicted to traveling parents and we are antsy to go somewhere soon…

Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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