Baby Life: Happy Birthday To Our One Year Old


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Here we are reaching another stage and a major milestone of our precious baby’s life and I can’t seem to grasp time in my fingers to make it slow it down.

He’s did army scootching for the longest. It was adorable and I had no idea that was his version of crawling until his doctor told me. Later he would crawl and crawl super fast. We had to chase after him, not just so he wouldn’t get in trouble but because it was cute and fun.

First time having cake
He wanted seconds
Minions Birthday cake, the little cake toppers here

My little up for anything little man traveled again at eight months. Another road trip with baby, third time is the charm. He loved it, no fussiness at all. This time it was to New Orleans one of our happy places. He really enjoyed it and the food. He ate a lot of it! Far cry from the little boy who didn’t want solids before six months.



There was that time he boycotted formula. Even though he breastfeeds, I supplement. I suffered some setbacks with my breast milk and was not producing enough. Thankfully I have been a pumping queen and had backstock for those rough times.

The big kid toys are what he wants to play with

Due to some setbacks, the progress on sleep was not as smooth as we wanted. He would be down to only waking me one time for breastfeeding. If and when there was a setback, meaning any changes, he would revert to every 2-3 hours. We got through it, now most nights he sleeps through.

He is used a walker for like what felt a week. He used it more like a snack eating, movie watching chair. I was never a big fan of a walker anyways. He was just too tall for the settings and he started walking while holding to things, pretty soon after, the walker was not needed.

A little blurry but too cute not to share


This little boy is something else. Inquisitive and anxious to get more information. When he did use the walker he would take off on it and explores the entire house. Except for my studio, thankfully his chair couldn’t go in that angle.

He loved his Mothergoose time at the library until he was too big for it. He made his first friend which would result in his first real play date. I need to talk about that later. He loves video chatting with his Dad and his aunt. This little guy is not afraid of technology. If it has buttons he will figure it.

The planning for his birthday went pretty well. He grew so fat and the year just got here in a blink of an eye. So fast I can’t imagine him not being a baby. He will always be mi bebe no matter how old.

Our little family

We survived as parents the first year and he is healthy and beautiful. Our smart little man has us wondering where the year went but we see it in his little smile when he catches a glimpse of us. Hear it in his words, especially mom and dad.

I know you can tell what it is from the photos. My little guy has liked the Minions since he was like a month old. I made the bags you see in the photos myself but I should have just bought some, the kids just noticed what was inside. All that hard crafting I did. The cake toppers were provided by the place that we had his party at. His outfit was pretty easy to put together. An adorable yellow onesie that he could wear again, his jeans and some baby suspenders. Find all similar items here.

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