What is with that name, life with salsa?! I get asked all the time for the reason behind the name. It’s a bit of a silly and long story. Long story short, my hubby was trying to annoy me, I said something smart and added the word salsa to it, it’s been a joke ever since between us. So when I kept brainstorming for the right name for my musings, somehow it rolled together. My life with salsa, life with flavor.


Hello, I’m Leslie a stay at home wife, new mom, and artist by profession. I’m the 99% writer of this blog, I’m also the photographer & researcher of our life journey adventures. Few times my husband, George is a guest writer, for the male point of view.

I was born in beautiful Guatemala and raised in Texas. Growing up far away from my culture I think is the reason I’m a bit obsessed with seeking culture, not just my own. I love history, art, food and traveling anywhere, near or far. I enjoy meeting like-minded people and some of the most interesting of those I have met while traveling.

I am not the traditional girlie girl, yet I surprise myself and others at times. The first signs of that girl inside was when I planned my wedding, which started my first blog, which is now gone. Then I became a stay at home wife, while a full-time student, didn’t do so bad at it, not good enough to continue writing about it. Then the adventures began when I dove into my art full force and of course family life. Which is how this travel and lifestyle blog evolved, from that first tiny wedding blog.

I have a Bachelors degree in studio arts from Houston Baptist University. I also took part of a study abroad in Italy and that just confirmed that I was on the right path both for art and my passion for traveling.

I’m always going to travel mostly for my art & photography, second because I’m chasing culture. Now I’m going to document it and all the in-betweens here at Life With Salsa.

If you have any questions or suggestions of where I should think of going next, let me know!