A Very Sweet First Halloween


This year has been filled with so many firsts and milestones, Halloween was just one more to that list. We decided on his costume based on one of his favorite movies, The Minions. Just like his mama, he loves the Despicable Me crew.


I know he wasn’t wearing the one that everyone else is wearing. I didn’t like the baby costume it didn’t look sturdy or cute enough. Our little one looks super cute in denim overalls so we purchased a new one, he outgrew his last pair.  Paired with a yellow onesie, some cute little black socks, and a minion eyes beanie did the trick.


He’s a baby, of course, this Halloween was not about the candy, maybe for mama but not for him. His aunt got him a basket to get candy but he really didn’t use it. He was people watching and exploring everywhere we took him. Plus I was documenting it all. I don’t know how much he will enjoy looking so cute later on but I loved it.


This was a weekend-long outing for our little man. I thought he would get tired but it’s like he knew this was an exception. I took him to a pop-up art and craft fair in Katy. The cold had hit Houston but he didn’t seem to mind.

We came home, snuggled and rested and waited for auntie to come by to meet up with us to go to our afternoon trick or treat family fun. We took our kiddos to Missouri City to a big event they have there. They had music playing loudly and my little guy LOVES music. He didn’t even care to people watch once he heard music, he wanted to dance in my sister’s arms. That night he ended exhausted but happy.

Townsquare fun to close the weekend off in Sugar Land. This was an even bigger event than the Missouri City gathering. We took the wagon for the kids, by that I mean my baby and my puppy. The grandparents joined us for this event and the little minion enjoyed himself until he was sleepy.


After a day of rest my little pumpkin napped and snuggled a lot on Monday we tried to plan out if and what to do on Halloween. We stopped by Sweets by Belen for treats for mom & dad and Belen was giving out a treat to those in costume so our little minion made an appearance. That afternoon mother nature decided for us, it was raining the entire afternoon. So we closed our baby’s first Halloween celebration with pumpkin carving and photos with our kids.


I think we were the only people in Houston not watching the Astros game. Sorry, but our little guy won’t have another first Halloween.


Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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