A Sunny Punta Cana Beach Honeymoon


We had our beautiful wedding in March and due to different spring breaks all around (we didn’t want to share our honeymoon with a bunch of children, not that all children are bad) then there was my school schedule, so we decided to postpone our honeymoon, until May. It was a short wait that felt eternal. I now understand why couples go on their honeymoons right away! After all the pressures of the engagement period, the wedding planning and then the wedding itself, all you want to do is go far away with your spouse.

Ready to be on a beach, waiting at the airport

So after searching and of course trying to get the best deal possible, we booked our honeymoon to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We had great US time, warm sun, beautiful beach and much-needed rest and relaxation time, even with all the not so perfect things that happened, that’s another post on its own. Then again we always have fun anywhere we are.

What I was looking forward to


If only things could go smoothly and perfect. If ever I wanted it to be perfect the most was on our honeymoon and of course it wouldn’t be. Just arriving was a nightmare. First let me tell you we were Monica & Chandler. You know the episode where they are showing off that they are on their honeymoon but never get upgraded, that was us. Even though we proudly wore our Groom and Bride shirts. I mean when else will we get to wear these?

Here we are trying to get to Dominican Republic

We had a stop and we knew it yet it wasn’t just a stop. We arrived in Puerto Rico and it took so long just to get off the plane. Then we come to find out that we are stuck in Puerto Rico until they can get their systems up. By the way this was the oldest looking airport I’ve been in. So antiquated, yet they can’t do things manually. People started saying that we might be there hours or until the next day. Thankfully it ended up being a few hours. They took us to Dominican Republic in a tiny plane with only a handful of people. I was actually scared of this freakishly tiny and kind of ragged plane. I kept remembering the photographs of the resort, just to motivate me. We arrived so late to our hotel, it was past dinner time and a skeleton crew. I kept repeating to the hubby that official honeymoon starts tomorrow.


As much as I, love the beach, (after someone is done trying to impress you, that certain someone lets you know that they don’t like the beach as much as you do), I do enjoy seeing the country I’m in. I want to try the food and meet the locals, and of course take a million pictures.

Though it wasn’t what we were promised of our first tour,(another long story) we still had a good time and got some amazing pictures. We got to meet a super cool European couple, who got engaged in DR, we already want to go to their wedding! We all went on a Safari Tour that took us around to some of the less privileged areas in the Dominican Republic. We saw some of the many sugar fields, and they were bigger than us! We got to see how they roll cigars at a cigar factory. Although we didn’t buy any since we’re not smokers. Still it was interesting to see, though I don’t think the guy rolling cared for us being there. Then we got to ride horses, my very first time and I didn’t really like it at all, maybe it’s the fact that I got a very sassy horse! He kept trying to bite the other horses. I won’t be getting on a horse any time soon.

Riding horses in Dominican Republic

I was a bit surprised that there were so many nationalities in DR. We met very few Americans. After I pouted and batted my eyes my husband gave in to spending more beach time. He enjoyed it too because he got a beautiful tan, they kept asking if he was Portuguese or Italian.

Beach time and pool time


We had another tour that started weird but ended great because we made some interesting friends. It’s always fun making friends while on vacation… This was a tour to Saona Beach. It was so pretty, with a natural pool in the ocean, pretty beach, but I was already sun burnt so my husband kept covering me up, he loves me…

Yeah I was so dark, burnt and hubby was keeping me covered


They were fine and what most tourists want to see, but not exactly what we do when we travel. We want to get to know the country, see the art, learn about its history and mix with locals. Everywhere they took us to we were grouped with tourists. Everything was so far from the resort, that is why we did the tours.

We ventured all by ourselves to Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone), but I will talk about that in another post since there is so much to do but far from Punta Cana…

This is my favorite from Santo Domingo. You may recognize it.

All in all we liked our honeymoon and most of all the time away from everything and everyone. We did miss our fur baby Mochito sooooo much, and my sister did a wonderful job taking care of him.



Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.


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