A Fashionably All White Bridal Shower


I’ve never been that girl who knows how to fit in with the girls. If there is a correct way to be I don’t know it. Out of three sisters only one of us knows a little bit about those female touches. So to plan a bridal shower was a tough one.

The Hostess one of my Maid of Honor

We wanted to keep with organized and beautiful look of the wedding. We had a themed pin-up bachelorette party planned and a cocktail wedding. Of course we set a dress code for the bridal party, all white.

The rest was a bit harder to plan. Planning it we realized that in the latino family traditions there is no bridal shower. People kept asking what to bring or if that is when they brought the wedding gift. No, this is the party where the ladies of the bride’s life gather to give her advice for marriage and give her a gift uniquely for her.

Dear friends of years

Since there were several of my friends mothers attending along with older family members we tried to keep it clean and classy. Later we thought that we should have held separate showers. Although I loved having all the ladies together, having the older ladies made some of my friends shy and censored. I don’t like that, I enjoy my people saying their piece of mind.

My two Maids of Honor

After the older crowd left, a few of my close friends remained and all was let loose. It was as if everyone could breath and say what they wanted to say. Overall I received great advice from the older and the young.

Mrs. Paisley
Mrs. Depp couldn’t contain herself

We played a few games, my favorite and everyone’s favorite was the celebrity wedding. Asking our guests ahead of time what celebrity crush they had, we printed photographs of their crush and had them ready for the party. A little glue and put them on cardboard, everyone was able to take photos and get married with their celebrity husband.

Mrs. Vin Diesel
Mrs. Usher

They all tried to guess what my dress would look like and the length of my veil. The dress my maids of honor got a sneak peek. The veil only my mother in law and I know. She brought it back from her trip to Spain. It is breathtaking. Not one person could guess the dress or the veil correctly.

One of my bridesmaids trying hard to guess my veil

My Maids of Honor did great in planning the party and hosting. Now to the Pinup Bachelorette Party!!!

You got it I married my George, Clooney that is



Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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