A Creative Summer Bucket List to Make, Learn & Enjoy from a Mom Artist

A Creative Summer Bucket List to Make, Learn & Enjoy From a Mom Artist


I finally got a chance to finish our summer bucket list. I call it ours but it’s for my little guy. Last year was my first time putting a bucket list together, and I think it was more of a generic list that anyone can do. This year I started thinking about it earlier and trying to be true to us, my life and what his life is with a mom artist. That is how I took more of a creative approach this summer.Β 


Movies theater that is, since he has movies he likes and I want him to get used to being able to do an entire movie. More for me because I would like to see some movies when they are still in theaters. This might be the least creative thing on this list. I might change it, if I find something else to do with him. Regals Cinema has a great summer program, the tickets are only $1 and it’s for children of all ages, so if someone can’t make it, you can leave and at only one dollar it doesn’t hurt your wallet.Β 


This was something I wanted to do since last year, he just wasn’t ready. This year he has shown more interest in what mama is doing in the studio and loves his colors.Β 

I have a little bookworm, even if he doesn’t quite know how to read. I want books to be part of his life, they are tools to learn, enjoy and better yourself in so many ways. I was just telling a fellow mom how reading helped me tremendously, it improves your vocabulary, expands your word comprehension and your writing benefits from it too. Win win all around.


He’s ready, maybe, I hope so. Either way I’m going to let him play with it.Β 

There is a pattern in this bucket list, creating and learning. This is fun and creative, at least for a little toddler. Can’t make things too complicated for him.

With his mom being an artist he will definitely have a close relationship to the art world. It doesn’t have to mean he has to be an artist but I just want him to be able to appreciate it.Β 

Playdates are a must with your little ones, but I think quality playdates are that much more important. This summer playdates will be a little different, and hope my creative moms are around for them.

Recently this little child of mine has discovered dancing. He hasn’t quite gotten his dancing legs but he loves to dance to live music, in our arms. I want to expose him to different types of music.Β 

I never did the handprints in the cast that everyone does when their baby is born. In the beginning, because who is thinking of that being sleep deprived? Then because I have a little boy that is always go, go, go. Now he’s ready to understand that he can stay still for a bit plus he can actively participate. The trick is how to make it to be beautifully displayed.

This project was a Daddy add on. He doesn’t have that much free time to do all the things on the list but he wanted to do one project with his son.Β 



When you welcome a child to your life, it all changes, as in your life. Summers were completely different, at a entirely different pace and didn’t necessarily include learning. A child changes you for the best, to make you a person to help guide and structure their lives. How lucky are we? Now let’s make their summer one to remember, take lots of photos in case they don’t!

Definitely starting early with next year’s list. I’m brainstorming for ideas.

  • First international flight
  • Play or an opera (for children)
  • Collaboration piece of artΒ 

What is on your bucket list? Let’s help each other creative moms!

Leslie M. GuzmΓ‘n is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.

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