2017: New Year, New Life & New Goals


Usually when the year comes to a close it feels a bit sad because there goes yet another year rushed by us. This year in our household there was no sadness, since we had just received our little baby. With the little blessing and all the plans for the following year with him.

This is true love
This is true love

I don’t really like resolutions, for some reason it feels like you place that word in front of what you want to achieve and boom it goes down the drain. Now give me the word goal and I get motivated to move towards it.


This still feels weird saying, writing and remembering hey, we are parents. As happy as we are, we are also very sleep deprived and pretty much bound to two rooms in our house. The living room and the bedroom.

Hubby is a sexy dad
Hubby is a sexy dad

Our goal for 2017 for parenthood is to be the best parents we can be and not really listening to all the unsolicited advice that all the people keep giving us. Hubby and I have decided that we will learn on our own and be the best parents to our child. We seem to be doing good at communicating with our bundle of joy.


Now that we are parents we remember our own childhood, we both came from tiny families and hated it. Although our immediate families are still small we want to give our little one a sense of a big loving family.

Sister planned great baby showers
Sister planned great baby showers

My family is a bit scattered in California, New York, Guatemala and even in Spain. So we plan on traveling to make sure he gets to spend time with the family. As I write this we’re planning our first trip. I do have one sister here and our baby is already a magnet drawing her in. I want this interaction to continue, if it means Sunday brunch so it becomes a norm for my baby to be surrounded by family, both of blood and love family (friends).

He visits his aunt
He visits his aunt


I never wanted to become only one defining part of my life. When I became a wife, that didn’t become my entire life. I was still a friend, sister and student. Now I have become a mother and I don’t want that to be the only thing that defines me. I want to be a great mother, but I am still a wife, friend and artist.

Last year setting up for a show while pregnant

Although I knew it was going to be hard getting back into my art this year. First of all because I needed a break from my art studio since I spent all 2016 in it working like a mad woman completing art for my solo show. (All while expecting our little one) I promised hubby and myself I would take time off. So I have, not that my little one has given me much of a choice.


As soon as things normalize, with sleep patterns, feeding schedules then I can plan around it and spend time in my home studio. I had a great art year in 2016 and that has me motivated and inspired. I began 2017 by entering an art exhibit, juried by Lester Marks.


As a blogger who has slacked a bit last year due to the hectic life I can say I have set a goal to update more often and stay on schedule. One of the reasons we are both motivated to keep our blog filled with more posts is because each time we had no clue what to do with our little one, we would find our answers on mommy/parent blogs or forums. So we know or hope that our experiences will help someone in the future.

I loved my maternity photo shoot with Juliana Rose Photography

Our pregnancy section will evolve to parenthood. We may not jump on a plane quite yet but we will be doing road trips. The hubby has enjoyed writing posts and giving his two cents, so he will have more participation. He wants to give his point of view on everything from pregnancy, to favorite items, I say good for him.


When I mentioned that I don’t let one aspect of my life define me I meant it as a partner as well. We discussed this at length before we became pregnant, during pregnancy and even now. We don’t want to forget about each other. We will resume our date nights and being husband and wife. Right now we both know baby requires most of our time. We help each other a lot and we relieve each other so we can have a break. But we are not comfortable with someone else taking care of our little one to relieve both of us, just yet. In a few months we will.

couple and art
For now we deliver artwork together

Another of our goals is what we want to do when we grow up to be happy and where we want to live and raise our little one. We have been contemplating moving to another city, state or even another country. These are decisions that are important to make wisely for us as a couple. I’ve always wanted to live in other places for short periods of time not necessary forever. Now that we have our baby we know we have a few years before we have to settle down roots when he starts school. Hubby likes the idea of being a stay at home father and I’m ok with working. Now if I can find a good paying job in the arts, that would be perfect. So that lets you know I’m looking at the bigger art cities for consideration for a possible future home. Who knows I might let hubby get his wish and move to Guatemala.

Time to get organized and add all my events and goals



Leslie M. Guzmán is a Guatemalan artist best known for her creative explorations of world cultures. Her works capture the untold stories of people, objects and the places from which they come.


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