In case you didn’t know anything about me, this is a good place to start. I saw this years ago on a website and I couldn’t help but read all 101 things. I hope you like these random, not in any kind of order facts, and read all the way through, there’s a test later! It’s obviously a joke, but some facts do make sense as you keep reading. I jotted them down as I thought of them and they are all over the place. That’s the fun part of just going with the flow. 




1. I took my first art class in college (I know 😮)

2. This girl has a fear of heights, but I WILL get on a roller coaster

3. I can’t start my day without making the bed

4. I was an education major until I did my observation classes (not for me)

5. Always said I’d be a photographer (not too far from that)

6.I had Mochito’s name picked out for 10+ years before I got him (He’s my puppy)

7. I owned my own house at age 24

8. Never imagined I’d be a full time artist

9. I always said I’d never be a stay at home wife (ha!)

10. I’ve lived in Texas since I was four years old

11. My earliest memory is age four (hence my art series Fragments)

12. I have a BFA

13. I never cared for the face people made when I said I was an art major (I love what I do, do you?)

14. I do not speak politics anymore with anyone (ok just my hubby)

15. I’m not religious, I’m spiritual

16. I’ve never taken a photography course, which is why I refuse to use the word photographer

17. I believe I’m claustrophobic

18. I dislike lies, but especially the little lies, the ones with no reason

19. I am trying hard to become a minimalist

20. My favorite music is world music, classical & blues music coming close second

From my study abroad in Italy


21. I love dancing to samba music (although I can’t)

22. My biggest pet peeve is when someone says they’re going to do something and don’t (Follow through people!)

23. I love the beach, if we had pretty water in Texas, I’d live there

24. I’ve always wanted to have a girl BF (Best Friend) & do BF things with (sadly it’s harder to find girlfriends than I thought, even harder to find one that shares interests & now a mom too)

25. Hubby and I dated five years before getting engaged

26. I want to study abroad for longer than a month (maybe my Masters or a residency)

27. I’ve never broken a bone or had a cast

28. Never had a Quinceañera (not a fan of the pink puffy dress, no thanks)

29. I wanted a destination wedding (hubby didn’t, vow renewal here I come!)

30. Everyone tells me I don’t look Guatemalan 😶(I don’t know what Im supposed to say)

31. I’m not shy, but I do not like being center of attention or public speaking

32. If money was not an option I’d travel full time (with my family)

33. I’m moody (at times)

34. The older I get the less social I want to be (more selective)

35. I still get very surprised when one of my works gets chosen to be in a show

36. The car I always wanted was a CJ Jeep (but I’ll take an old bronco or scout)

37. I want to convert a van to travel (yeahy van life!)

38. I have yet to meet my soulmate friend, if you’re out there, find me! (one who likes art, blues and doesn’t break #22)

39. I can’t slow down, my mind doesn’t allow it (I’m always planning or pondering about my goal or dream)

40. I don’t believe in love at first sight (all though hubby does)

41. I have two sisters but we are insanely different, like from different planets, maybe different galaxies (I think that’s why we’re not close)

42. I like my 30’s better than my 20’s

43. I’m an optimist and try to see the good in all situations

44. I’m a realist and set achievable goals (hubby hates that, he believes in huge dreams)

45. I do better at keeping track of things with a planner (on the phone calendar is not the same) Read about my planner dilemma

46. I’m a social introvert (it’s a thing)

47. I hate when someone tells me I can’t do something

48. I LOVE lists (example this!)

49. I believe in Feng Shui, I use my Bagua to decorate, or fix a problem

50. I believe in an afterlife, I feel my mom at times

51. I really enjoy thrift shopping (I liked it before it became popular)

52. I love pens that write pretty, they always end up in my purse (sorry)

53. I believe in what goes around comes around (my pretty pens will be in someone else’s purse 😪)

54. I would love to write a book about my life (but I’m afraid people would think it’s a soap opera and it didn’t really happen)

55. I said I was fine if I didn’t have children because I thought it wasn’t possible.

56. I studied art in Italy for a month (close to #26 but not exactly)

57. I’ve driven to California from Texas three times (2 times for my sister to take a car)

58. I really enjoy road trips, as you can tell

59. I believe in fate, destiny, what’s meant to be will be

60. If I could live in another city in the US it would be NOLA



61. Artistically, I admire Picasso

62. I’m drawn to the strong, the fierce women in history

63. Didn’t fear death until I became a mother

64. I always wanted a big family when I was little, but now I’m ok with just my tiny family

65. I’m always on a diet (air makes me gain weight)

66. I rather eat my calories than drink them

67. It urkes me to the bones when people make excuses for their behavior (unless you’re a child)

68. I’ve always liked cheerful colorful things, somehow that doesn’t translate to my clothes

69. I believe money is not everything

70. I’m not a sappy girl

71. I rarely watch romantic movies (If I do, I’m being forced)

72. I cried watching Coco (You did too!)

73. I feel naked without earrings

74. I pick shoes over purses

75. I’ve always had a business mind since I was a little girl

76. I hate math but I can make money out of nothing (or so my hubby says)

77. I believe everyone has a creative side, people just don’t explore it

78. I’m a restless soul, (it translates to my art)

79. I am a multidisciplinary artist, means I use several techniques (why #61)

80. I’m not really romantic (now you get #70)

81. I’m not a good host (we didn’t entertain much growing up)

82. I don’t follow gender roles

83. If I do something it’s because I want to, not because I have to or someone tells me to

84. I dislike that people want you to help them but they are not there for you. (Treat people like you want to be treated!)

85. I think when I’m old it’s going to be me and my three friends.

86. I thought I wanted a girl but I LOVE being a boy mom

87. I will take a maid over a nanny (I want to take care of my child)

88. I don’t mesh well with females, more like they hardly ever like me. (Plus #24)

89. You shouldn’t talk about politics, religion or money with friends (it should be private)

90. I’m a fairy godmother ✨ (ok, minus the fairy)

91. I refer to myself as Latina or Guatemalan (Not Hispanic)

92. I would love to exhibit in my birth country, Guatemala (get the word out)

93. I want to have a store with adorable finds from the countries I travel to, spreading my love of culture & color

94. I didn’t know my name was so popular until I decided to be an artist

95. When someone makes me mad, I lash out bad, so don’t make me mad 

96. I’m completely Pinterest obsessed (time to call PA, Pinterest Anonymous 😜)

97. I would like to spend a month+ in Spain to see the motherland (plus all the Picasso museums) 

98. I’m a mean meanie, I mean what I say, but I aim to cut (Because #95)

99. I’m an only child of my parents union, and I’ve always felt like an only child, although I have siblings

100. I’ve I had a do-over, I would only change one thing

101. If I had to pick another career path, it would be something to do with History. (forgot the 101, caught it in time)


Wheeeeew that was long-winded. Longer for you to read. I actually wrote this throughout a year’s time, whenever I had some spare time. I’m looking for some if you know a place that has it, time that is. I hope you enjoyed reading a few facts about me, Leslie the person behind the website. I will definitely update this list to see if I achieve some of my goals/dreams on it.

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