Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, maybe it’s more about the turkey than the holiday. Although I’m not the chef on Thanksgiving and Hubby makes a killer Turkey we passed up on it this year. While my memories of Thanksgiving are probably the same as everyone else. The family drama that comes with all family events. I’ve learned that it’s not just my family, my friends seem to all experience the same drama so it must be a normal part of all holiday traditions.

This year we wanted to just be our tiny nuclear family, the Foodie Hubby, Artist Wife and our puppy child. We love New Orléans so we decided we had stayed away for too long, that’s a lie, we were there last summer. Just our excuse to go back.

Last year we went with friends to NOLA (post here) and you are trying to go with the flow of what everyone else wants to do. Not to mention that everyone doesn’t like the same things as yourself. So this trip was going to be geared towards what we like to see and do. Although my favorite place to visit is the French Quarter, there is other parts that one must see as a tourist. Yet there is so much for an artist and all tourists to see right in the Quarter and even then you miss things.


This was our first time going to NOLA with a dog. To clear up, we don’t always travel with our puppy child, it’s just that we don’t have luck finding people to take care of him. He doesn’t do well at boarding kennel. A good house or pet sitters are so hard to come by so for now he is going to these small trips with us.

The hotels in French Quarter are majority not pet friendly and the few I found to allow our four-legged family member were way to pricey & add-on the pet fee + the parking fee, were crazy. So we opted to stay next door to the FQ, in the Marigny. At Olde Town Inn an adorable hotel, with a mini fridge & microwave for all the leftovers. It’s literally walking distance from the all the main attractions.

It’s a pretty hotel

This Hotel was cute, pet friendly and free parking with pretty good reviews. We’re not snotty travelers, so small and quaint is fine by us. If you want a five-star resort, then one of the other pet friendly hotels in the French Quarter are more your style. This hotel had several people there with their four-legged family members. They had free breakfast that I didn’t even realize. We were prepared to go eat our hearts our in NOLA, this was a plus in saving us money.




Mr. Husband who has Louisiana roots should just eat gumbo and crawfish for every meal, this would make him so happy. We reacquainted ourselves with NOLA. For being a holiday weekend there were so many people there, maybe everyone had the same idea as us, Thanksgiving in NOLA!


Although I’m always about finding great spots to eat, I try not to recycle a place, only because there are so many others to try. I broke the rules in NOLA because a year makes your taste buds forget about that rule.

These were the places we ate and that allowed our Mochito.


Olde Town Inn (of course)

He was allowed to eat breakfast with us. He is well behaved, the other guests said so 🙂


Market Cafe

We like that place, we eat there each time we are in town. I love live music & eating outdoors. This time there was an extra perk, pet friendly. You meet the most interesting wait staff here. Ours had lived all over the world and had a lot to say.

Gene’s Po-Boys

This was on my list as one of the best poboys and it was only two blocks from our hotel. They were so nice and allowed our puppy in to order our food. We didn’t eat there however, so I don’t know their rule on that.

Pirates Alley Cafe & Absinthe House

Yes I know you go for adult beverages here, but they have an outdoor area and no one had a problem with him there while daddy had his drinks.


Royal House Oyster BarLeslieMGuzman_NOLA

I have to say on this day, they were the nicest in the French Quarter. Everyone else was turning us down or being snotty about us having a puppy on that day. Not to mention that we had him in a puppy bag so if I wouldn’t have told people they wouldn’t have known he was there. He is that quiet. They were nice and sat us in the first floor with a table with a view facing the outside and he sat there and people watched.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

It was a beautiful afternoon, outdoor sitting area and they were very nice and inviting to bring Mochito. Plus it was on my list to try. They do have pretty good pizza.

Cafe Du Monde

Everyone has to go to Cafe Du Monde for beignets, so why not your puppy. Well we went two times on this trip. One time really late and another during the day and both times he was a little angel. A lot of people saw us with him and said they didn’t realize he was there at first because he is so well-behaved.

I know some of your list includes some popular places, these are not so friendly. I tried, they said NOPE. There is a certain burger place that we have been trying to go to and this time I found it, waiting in line and they turned us away. It shall remain nameless but how rude.

La Divina Cafe e Gelateria

This was a desert stop late at night after walking and listening to music. It’s such a cute place and we had our gelato outside on the small tables with our puppy child. It is a shame we will not return, the staff was rude and it seemed like it bothered him to help us, even though the price of gelato was not cheap either.

Walking OFF the Food


There were a lot of historical places that I wanted to see the architecture, the hubby hadn’t seen before so we walked all over looking for them. All of course closed due to the holidays but it was nice to see from outside and if you really wanted to see, most you could see on google virtual tour.


We walked so much that up until those days in NOLA my step tracker had not had that many steps on it. It said we WALKED!!!This was a great Thanksgiving for us. We loved it so much we might have to find a new place to spend next Turkey day!




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  1. What a lovely place to spend Thanksgiving, I’ve heard so much about the French Quarter from my friend who goes like every year and loves it. I hear ya, family drama at holidays I think is pretty normal for pretty much everyone! I have only had a few holidays without them and somehow miss it.

  2. I haven’t been to New Orleans yet but it looks fantastic. The only thing I was disappointed about when reading this post was there wasn’t a photo of your dog 🙂 Everything else was good though. Thanks for sharing your thanks giving with me.

  3. I just visited NOLA for the first time in October and really loved it. The food scene is so, so amazing. Everywhere we ate, be it a fancy restaurant or a food truck was just fantastic. And the live music everywhere, and people being so friendly… I could live there!

  4. New Orleans during Thanksgiving is my favorite time to be in the Crescent City. We have made it a tradition for the last two years!

  5. What a nice way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday. We kept it quiet and spent it with just the core family and our dogs too.

  6. How fun! I’ve never been there before. I’ve always wanted to check out Cafe Du Monde!

  7. My parents dog doesn’t like boarding kennels either so I know how it feels about having a dog who prefers to be with you. Nice blog post. Was intrigued by the photo with the small bowls of rice. JanD

  8. First of all, I LOVE New Orleans. It is so beautiful. Your hotel looks amazing as well, and I think that this is such a great idea. Happy to see that you enjoyed spending the holiday in that lovely city.

  9. I don’t find people that don’t agree, the love of NOLA is huge. It is so beautiful and you can’t do it all on one trip. It was a really cute hotel although not as close as I would have liked. All for my little fur baby.

  10. When you have a four legged family member you try to plan for them. Especially when we leave longer than two days. Jambalaya and red beans and rice.

  11. I agree! I think you should try it all, some people stick to the usual touristy places and don’t venture to try the hole in the walls. I still have a list of places I have to try and Ive been numerous times. We always say we want to live there!

  12. Believe me he was with us the entire time, I bought a sling bag and he hammocked in it on our walks in NOLA. He people watched and people would spot him and say how cute he was.

  13. I think crazy family drama is a norm now days for the holidays. I prefer happy places and sightseeing, thankful we are a small family and we will be doing more trips like this when our child is born.

  14. Wow!!! My hubby has been wanting to go so bad and your blog post made us want to go even more! How cool that you went for Thanksgiving!

  15. You should definitely go! It can be a great romantic getaway, family trip or just let loose place. It just depends what you want. We have gone for all 3 reasons and Thanksgiving was still a different experience.

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