It wasn’t a planned trip to go to Lubbock. I don’t know why it was just never in the must-see places of Texas for us. Then a family member told us they were coming from out of the country to Lubbock of all places for a conference in Texas Tech and we said ROAD TRIP.


With a baby, you would think this spontaneous road trips would have come to an end. Nope, this is the only way to travel until we receive his passport. Which we are waiting for anxiously, not that we know where we are going to yet.

Texas Countryside

We do have to plan accordingly with the baby, so we left at night while he slept. The car ride soothes him to sleep and stays asleep. Nothing to really see on the way, plus we wanted to save the few things to see for when our favorite cousin came back with us to Houston. We arrived in Lubbock early in the morning.


Since we were short on time we did sneak a quick visit with a former classmate and fellow artist that lives in Lubbock now. I did not find much to see or do in my quick research of Lubbock. Please suggest and correct me if there is something for us to go back to.

We did try the number one place to eat in Lubbock according to Tripadvisor and Yelp. There were lines and it is very close to the other popular place in Lubbock, Buddy Holiday’s museum. I have to say the food was quite tasty, but what nailed it was the desert. The other things recommended we were not that impressed with so nothing to write.


Slaton Texas was our first stop and perfect for breakfast time, I joke we had already had donuts. Yes all things with us rotate around food! Slaton is known for the Slaton Bakery, with some very delicious cookies.

We especially liked the thumbprints but don’t take my word for it. Their shelves are brightly filled with so many delicious treats. We shouldn’t have stopped at Krispie Kreme and we would have more of an appetite.


Food once again but it was time for lunch. From Slaton to Houston was allowing my cousin to see the back roads of Texas. A gorgeous countryside filled with flowers and quiet peaceful skies. By the time we arrived at our destination it was more than time for lunch.

BBQ you ask, yes, please. So we stopped for some at Fatboy’s BBQ in Brady Texas. They had tasty food and you see them making it on the pit outside before you enter. They also have endless charro beans. We sure had a good share of beans. Stomachs full we went off to our next destination of shopping fun.


As much as we wanted to take her to San Antonio and more stops there was not enough time. We have walked around Frederiksberg before but I guess not as much. How do I know? Because we never stopped by Rustlin Rob’s where we can sample so many kinds of salsa and delicious treats. No wonder it was full, we had so much fun trying everything.


By the time we arrived home, of course to bed we went. We were so exhausted, especially our well-behaved little man. He did get a bit fussy when we were arriving at Frederiksberg but it was time to get off and that made him happy. He just has to have a few breaks.


This is not a road trip everyone would do but it was perfect for showing our Guatemalan tourist a little taste of Texas. She left with beautiful photos of our fields and countryside and some delicious souvenirs.


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