I know I just said it in the title but I still can’t believe that July came and went like nothing. With July gone it feels that much closer to autumn and Christmas! At least to me, it feels that way.


We are both July babies and Cancers, we were hoping for a third with our baby but no such luck. This year was not about us at all. Actually, now that I think about it, last year was not about us either. Last year all I wanted was churros and more churros (craving) We were also surprising our friends with the news that we were expecting a baby boy. To us knowing we were going to be parents was the best birthday gift.

This year our birthdays snuck up on us, you know the days seem to blur together. We were happy just to do a quick trip to a  restaurant or on hubby’s birthday bring a pizza home + Netflix and relax.


The first for our little guy and we had a small photoshoot. Any excuse for me to photograph my baby. We wanted to take him to see fireworks but thought the loudness would scare him, and they start way past his bed time.

Can’t wait for next year to let him celebrate!


I consider the entire month of July my birthday month. I don’t know, I feel good things seem to happen in July. Well, this year was no exception. My best friend shared the news with us that she and her husband are expecting their little bundle of joy. She didn’t stop there, she told me that they were moving back to Texas! We did our friendship long distance and flying back and forth for too many years. To be able to raise our babies together in the same city was the best birthday gift of all.

I don’t have a big family and neither does the husband so we were scared that our little man would grow up too lonely.  Family is not just blood, family can be those that you choose to be family. That is what she is to me, a third sister. We are very different but she has a huge heart, she balances out my toughness.


Since so many things have happened since last July, I can only imagine what another year will bring. Oh, the adventures that we will have with our little man and our made up family. Looking forward to that and next month when they arrive.


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