This Valentine’s Day not only have I been blessed with a beautiful son but my wife took a little time to find me a watch. I have a bit of a fascination with watches, she knows I love to collect them. She had gotten me a beautiful  wooden Jord watch and gave it to me a week early. I must have earned it!

My Valentine’s Day Gift is here


Personally I have never seen a wooden watch, I have heard of them though. I took a little time to check out their website and read about their story.


My wife obviously has good taste as you can tell from the photos. If you want a closer look of my watch, this is the link to it. JORD WATCH


My wife being the every conscious person, she tries to be green, got me one with the Sea Gull movement self winding automatic, meaning there is no battery. The movement  in the watch can be seen on both the front and back of the watch. I was a little skeptical of whether it would keep time if I stop moving, but apparently even a slightly twitch keeps the watch moving, the only time it needs to be reset is when it sits for long periods (according to the website 36 hours….I haven’t really tested that part.)


She knew I would want something elegant yet not too flashy. She picked out one from the Dover Series, Ebony & Copper. First off I must say what many may be asking, What a wooden watch? I thought the same thing. After viewing the site you will see they make several different styles and use many different woods. Many of these watches have a casual look yet they can easily be dressed up and no one would think differently.


I was please to find out it came with a sapphire crystal on the front. Obviously my wife knows how brutal I can be on a watch. I could go on talking about the watch, but I also have to tell you how it came. It arrived in a rustic wooden box and a nice burlap pillow to keep that rugged feel of a wooden watch. I have to admit, I’m a lucky man but I know the watch is to remind me to get home early to her and my son as they are waiting for me to get back from work.


My wife partnered with JORD for a giveaway to one of our readers. One lucky winner will win $100 towards a Jord watch and others will receive $25 coupon. The contest ends February 28th. Make sure you enter and forward to someone you love for a chance to win. ENTER CONTEST HERE.


*** Disclosure: Life with Salsa received this product in exchange for an honest review. We only publish posts about products that we love. All opinions on this post are completely our own.



Luxury Wooden Watch

17 thoughts on “New Dad Gets Stylish JORD Watch for Collection”

  1. I love this brand. Your wife pick a nice style. I love the black and with all of those features to protect it, you will have it for a long time.

  2. My husband has the same watch! It’s a great style. Love the babywearing photo, it’s such a great way to bond with the little ones.

  3. A nice watch, I am seeing this everywhere nowadays so I guess they are in, Nice to see the men’s selection too.

  4. Oh I love the masculine version! I have two of my own but this one looks classy for the men.

  5. They are great looking watches! I always get complements!

  6. Yes a very withit watch….can you still say with it? LOL!

  7. Thank you on both….I hope to pass the watch along to him someday.

  8. I think I am going to start hinting for my christmas gift early….LOL!

  9. I say spoil your husband…..he deserves a little surprise now and then… is kind of like shoes or purses for girls….we collect things too!!!

  10. Yes she does….that is why I married her, outside of the fact that she was nice to me too….LOL!

  11. I have read many positive reviews about it. It is exquisite, and I am sure he loves it too.

  12. Trust me he will like it! It is very durable and actually fun to wear…. I am easily entertained by the visible movements.

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