We have established that I am a Pinterest addict. I spent time on there each and everyday. When I became pregnant I was pinning left and right things to decorate baby’s room and all things that I needed to learn. Of course Pinterest figured out I was pregnant by my searches, to where it was showing me pins ALL things baby.


I just kept saving the pins about free things, but I think I didn’t really believe it. Then I entered a bloggers giveaway for a Johnson and Johnson baby gift set. No biggie, entered my info and a few days laters I get the notification that I won.

I won this from reading Independent Mami’s blog


One registry or three registries it’s really up to you. Now don’t pick a store based on the free stuff because not all stores give a goodie bag. I picked three places, Babies R Us, Target and Amazon. All do offer freebie baby good bags. Each of the bags come with coupons.

  • BABIES R US We picked Babies R Us for several of the big items we wanted, such as crib, dresser and not to mention that they have so much baby variety. A plus for this store is that they offer FREE classes that you would be paying for at your hospital. Another huge plus, the store we registered at by our home had the friendliest staff. They made returns and exchanges so easy but I think it was also because we were there so much they recognized us.


  • TARGET We picked Target because who doesn’t love Tarjay! In our mind it has the price range for everyone. I didn’t want to impose anyone with expensive gifts. I wanted people to be able to pick and choose. However to me Target didn’t have a huge baby selection other than clothes. But they provide a nice goodie bag to go with my registry. I set up registry online and then went into the store for my goodie bag filled with samples and coupons.


  • AMAZON Amazon Prime is hubby’s best friend. He absolutely loves that you can pretty much find almost everything and most times cheaper. When we were searching the items we wanted Amazon kept winning on the cheaper price. Again we were trying to give our people options. That is how we ended up with the third registry. Huge pluses with Amazon, a box filled with goodies AND that your guests can order gift and have it sent directly to your home, no wrapping needed.



  • SAMS Yeah the big store, I read somewhere that they offer free box of samples for mothers to be. We were debating between Costco & Sam’s membership so I figured let me check it out. It took a bit for the box to come in, but it had nice variety of items.


  • THE HONEST COMPANY You know Jessica Alba’s company. I have heard great things about this company and being healthier is always a priority in our household. Mostly for me but one day hubby will be on the green and healthy boat with me. You can sign up for a trial membership with the Honest Company you only pay for the shipping. You try out the items and see if you like it for your baby. If it’s not an expense you want or can add to your budget you have to make sure you cancel the membership before the 30 day trial ends.


  • HUGGIES & PAMPERS I don’t remember where exactly I came across this offer but I did. It’s never too early to get started on collecting diapers. We opted to use reusable diapers but it’s always good to have regular diapers for road trips or when I’m washing my cloth diapers. Each send you some coupons.


Whether your plan on breastfeeding or not you should have some formula handy. You just never know what may happen and you may need it. Plus along with the samples you will get coupons.

  • ENFAMIL  Sign up with them and you get a nice box with a formula and small on the go jars.
  • SIMILAC Someone highly suggested I sign up and get the freebies for formula just in case. As much as we all want to breastfeed we have to be prepared in the event that we can produce enough milk or baby doesn’t take to your breast. They sent me two nice size containers of formula samples.


  • NATURES ONE While searching for alternate formulas hubby came across this one. Although our plan is to breastfeed you never know what will happen.

These are only a few of the places you can get free items for mommy to be AND baby. These are just some of the ones I took advantage of and ten freebies is not bad for not really doing much. I had so much going on during my pregnancy (in my art career) that I couldn’t spend as much time online as I wanted. Hopefully you will take advantage. As I find out of more, I will update this post.

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