My birthday always means half the year is gone. So another birthday snuck up on me once again. The difference is that this year I was all about celebrating, while in the past I’m like Oh it’s my birthday, ignore it, maybe it will go away!


It’s always been hard to celebrate my birthday because it falls on 4th of July weekend. So to get people to do something means planning way in advance, because of the barbeques or the road trips. Which I’ve given up celebrating on the day, usually I celebrate the weekend after, if I celebrate at all.



Since I had plans for my birthday with a friend while hubby was  at work, the hubby decided that he was taking me out the night before so that he could be first. Silly and sweet yet selfish that’s my hubby everyone. We haven’t been to the movies in a while mainly out of lack of time and all of a sudden there are so many movies you must watch at the theaters. So I know what I will be doing this summer. My date night included The Purge: Election Year and my blues brothers burger at Star Cinema Grill. Great way to begin my birthday!

Yup, I’m an action, horror and gore movie kind of girl. 


Last week I posted something on my social media about wanting to have churros, but like the real churros. Right when you think your friends don’t pay attention to anything you write or post, I was swarmed with suggestions on where to go. My people know their churros.


Come my actual birthday, my dear friend took me to a Mexican lunch where they also had churros for dessert. They were pretty tasty. Then again I haven’t had churros in ages, I had almost forgotten how they tasted. We caught up, had some long girl talks and our churros. I’ve been so busy with my artwork for my show at the end of the year that I haven’t had much of a life. Thanks to my friend for dragging me out on my birthday.

My Favorite, Tres Leches

That night after a full day of girl time, I was happy to come home to spend time with my husband. He had a birthday cake for me. Don’t think awww, no trust me. He finally has a birthday cake for me. We have been together for 10 years and he never used to get me a cake, even though I would always have one for his birthday. It somehow came up in a conversation we were having with friends, and I mentioned how much I love having birthday cake and feel that’s the most important part, rather than gifts or an expensive card. (Because cards are now EXPENSIVE) He seemed so shocked and said that I should have said something. No, that was something that should’ve come out of him to do. Since his family is all about cards, he figured everyone else was, no. I want my cake!

My Baby loves to be included in everything


It’s a long story but I have two birthdays, the real day and the one my mother celebrated because she swore that was my actual birth day. Hubby saved the official birthday dinner until the second birthday. Not to mention I couldn’t fit dinner after the big Mexican lunch and churros  I had with my friend.


We ended at GUAD, for dinner due to my social media post about the churros. I was sent a picture about the painted churros they have there. One of my husband’s friends works there and he shared his delicious churros. They were amazing, he explained that they are painted with chocolate and tiny bits of chocolate pieces on top of that. They were beyond what I had been craving, plus they were served with ice cream. He modified the desert for me (thanks), he added a small piece of the red velvet tres leches cake. I was in heaven! Birthday weekend was a success and I could sleep for two days straight since I was going to be in a sugar coma.

Painted Churros & Red Velvet Tres Leches


We normally try to go on  a road trip any time there is a three-day weekend. However this year we scratched that plan since we have several home projects going on. We don’t have a truck and always have to borrow a truck. Since we switched plans late, the truck was not available. Our cars don’t fit all the wood we need for our projects. Things happen for a reason. We ended up house cleaning and Netflix and chance we got. It was a perfect way to relax together after the hectic weeks we have had.

Watched the fireworks from our front yard. Photo Credit

We grilled and I was able to package our lunches for the week. So that means no cooking for me. Yeahy! Mochito really enjoyed us being home. Fireworks can be scary for a pet, but ours slept through it. After feeling the heat of the weekend, I actually appreciated not going on our road trip. I would have roasted!

My Birthday
I loved my birthday


Since I was so close to 1000 follower mark I decided to have an art giveaway. This was actually my first, I have missed every other milestone so the giveaway would have never made sense. I wanted the winner to be an actual active follower so I had several steps to follow for them to be able to win. They had to be active followers of both my Facebook and Instagram. They had to share my page on their timeline and repost the picture on their instagram, plus add their name on the comments. I did that since not everyone use their name as their user name on IG. You would be surprised how people do not follow instructions or maybe they really didn’t want a piece of my art.

Make sure you are an active follower to be a part of the next giveway



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