The very much adorable and needed baby shower. How do you plan? Who do you invite? Children or no children? Family or friends or both? Co-ed or the traditional ladies only?

With the hostess, my sister and she made a lot of the decorations

When we planned my bridal shower a few years ago we learned our lesson not to mix family and friends into one big gathering. Why?  Because you may not have the space or time to mingle with all of them. In our case the family or older ladies being there didn’t allow the friends to let loose and joke around. After that my sisters and I decided a baby shower would be split up, friends for one, family and older people in the other.


This was more of MY shower. My friends from years came out of the woodworks for the shower. I’m the last of my friends to get married and have children. It was fun having couples enjoying a shower together.

Group photo taken kind of late, missing a lot of people

When my sister began planning my shower she knew I would want a kid free co-ed party, she knows me pretty well. Why co-ed? Because I’m not the only one having a baby so is my hubby. Why no children? Because my home is yet to be childproof and not everyone disciplines their children and allows them to run wild. I just didn’t want that in our new home. Plus, we wanted one last gathering children free, where no one has to watch their language and just enjoy.

Long time friends


Since I don’t really have family that live close other than my sister, this family shower was more for the husband’s family and some of my friend’s mothers or people that are like family. On this invite I forgot to add the adult only and people RSVP with children before I could change it. So if you really want an adult gathering REMEMBER to add that before you can’t take it back.

This family came all the way from California for the baby shower, that’s love!

So I called this shower the Husband shower, I played hostess with my sister & friend and let the husband enjoy. He had lots of fun and it was easier having two separate showers, rather than one huge one and the young crowd on one side and older adults on the other.



I know I graduated a few years ago but I became very close to several of my sorority sisters. That is what a sorority is about after all, creating life long friendship bonds. Part of that is celebrating each phase of your life. I was not able to do the special moment of engagement or wedding because I was already married before I transferred over to my University. This was one celebration I didn’t want to miss. Now my baby will have lots and lots of aunts.

Phi Mu Sorority Sisters
With my little sister

I learned how to swaddle from one of my sisters who is a nurse. Two of my closest sisters planned my shower and did an amazing job at it. Not to mention they all spoiled our little one so much. I can’t wait for them to meet our baby.


Having more than one shower is not for everyone and most choose to combine friends and family. That just doesn’t work for us. Most people separate their work baby showers from personal, so others have more than one. The husband’s coworkers threw him a shower so our baby had four showers in all.

Some of the baby shower decor, made by the sister 🙂

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  1. How cute! Always great to celebrate special moments with loved ones, especially when they are shared.

  2. Since Im self employed I didn’t get a work shower so I felt my college classmates made up for that one. I agree the more the merrier. Trying to keep the Latin sazon!

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