Not a newborn anymore. Sigh… So much has changed from birth to this point. In his short little age, he’s been on two road trips, a professional photoshoot and will have a conversation with people, of course, baby talk. He goes on daily stroller walks and takes in the sunshine and wind. He discovered his hands so he is busy grabbing and trying to learn to wave. He recognizes people that spend time with him, for example, my sister who he tells everything to. At least that’s how it sounds when he sees her.



We began his fourth month attempting to give him rice meal with a spoon, nope not having it. He’s grabbing and he reaches to all his toys. This has also become the pinching time. Ouch for anyone that comes close to those tiny fingers. Even Mochito has been the victim of those cute fingers, that’s because he thinks Mochito is his teddy bear.

Zev got his first taste of socializing with other children. It was also our first being around other parents with babies.Needless to say, I will be attending more activities for him to enjoy. Helping babies socialize is very important.

He now tries to roll over, he can only do it half way especially when he’s trying to roll over to his mommy for breastfeeding or snuggle to sleep. He is making progress on his tummy time, almost acting like he wants to crawl he just can’t put it all together.

That laugh of his has gotten louder and if possible cuter. He just makes our home and family happy.


We begin his 5th month with another mommy & baby photoshoot. Hey, there can never be too many photos. I’m the one always behind the camera this is the only way I’ll get photos with my child. This time was Mother’s Day photo shoot. I just wanted photos with my baby to document our first mother’s day.

He sits like a little man. We continue to do Mother Goose time which he really enjoys. They teach him sign language plus it’s a great way for him to be around other babies.


Half a year just snuck up on all of us. This was also a special month because we celebrated his Christening. First official celebration for half his life. People came in from out of town and out of the country to join him. It was all so beautiful. Veronica Cinco Photography documented this big day for us.


He got to make a very happy father, with Father’s Day celebration. Yes, we celebrated with another photoshoot. For once Daddy didn’t mind being photographed.


I’m sure all parents wish this, sadly it won’t happen. He is growing, learning and becoming this little spunky person that makes me laugh with his quirky ways.

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