George is the husband and very much the one that seeks the food adventures. He is also Life With Salsa’s financier & my art patron. He is just in it for the adventures. His real job is in banking and he swears he always knew he wanted to work in a bank.

After a day job of numbers and lots of talking he is very much a Netflix and chill kind of guy. Until I rope him into a new place to see or new food to eat. George’s winding down time is when we go on our much-needed vacations. He is always up for a challenge and doesn’t care to be the test subject of the places I find.

He is always hungry and ready to try a new suggestion, that’s the way he gets suckered into all these places, promises of great food. He will tell you that he loves Italian food but his true heart of hearts he loves burgers.

If you have a good place for him/us to eat, please let us know!