If you know a little about me, the wife and artist of our traveling duo, you know I’m proud to be born in Guatemala. A gorgeous country with so many interesting places to visit and although in comparison to Texas on a map, Texas is much bigger, there is still so much country to see. I have been many times and have only seen a small sliver of Guatemala.

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While dedicating my time to college and making sure I finished as fast as I could and of course life getting in the way, I had been far away from my beautiful Guatemala for almost six years. That is way too long to be apart from one’s environment, food and family. Most of my family lives in Guatemala.

National Palace in Guatemala City

After the finalizing the details of my solo exhibition coming up at the end of this year and being that the series will be about something that is close to me, I needed to research some material. Yet I can’t step foot in my country and not visit loved ones. So, I planned very carefully and skillfully. I took a few steps back and decided to contact all those people who are in constant contact with me. With the magic of internet there is no excuse not to reach out. Those family members who always remember me, support my art journey by liking my page or by even by just liking photos I post, and who text me to see what is new in my life, those were my priority. That made the planning so much easier and guilt free.

Panajachel Guatemala
Weekend Trips like this = Perfection

Even if you’re on vacation it doesn’t mean others can accommodate your schedule, people do work & go to school. So that made me plan out weekend meetup to be with certain people in Guatemala City. Then I planned for a week of family and research in a smaller part of Guatemala. This was easier because on my father’s side it seems everyone is self-employed, so that means they can alter their schedules as they please. The banker and always business minded husband of mine loved this and had endless conversations with them all, already trying to figure out what business he can have in Guatemala.

He’s really enjoying the view

Then after family number one and family number two (came back to family number three after) I was able to say bye-bye and head out exploring Guatemala. First I’m there for my art, second family and last I’m showing my husband the country I was born in and that I love so much. Being that it was a loosely planned trip and we couldn’t anticipate family, weather or health I didn’t plan too far in advance such as hotels. I did have research with me of all the places we were visiting but not committed in case of anything.

Guatemala City-1

So of course some of this resulted in a 50/50 chance of what we got. But I think that is part of the grand adventure. Nothing can be perfect, there is no such thing and those crazy things that happen to you on vacation are the things you laugh about later and tell people about. My best friends were TripAdvisor & Pinterest. I even have Bucket Lists for all the places I wanted to visit while in Guatemala.

Antigua Guatemala
In one of the many ruins in Antigua

Overall our Guatemalan adventure was amazing and fulfilling in both personal and professional manner. I was about to reconnect with people and find out a little more about me, (my life is a soap opera, I might have to write about it) and I was able to meet several artists and gallery owners. I know an artist’s dream is to be known, but mine is to be known in my country and known as a Guatemalan artist. Most importantly the research I went down there for is beautiful and I can’t wait to finish my series.

Senor Foodie in Action
Boy did he eat on this trip

Hubby is working on a post about all the delicious food he ate. Stay tuned as we break down our adventure and show you a gorgeous country you will want to visit soon.

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  1. Lovely post and I totally understand being away from home and one’s own environment for so long and how badly you crave yo go back. I am sure u must have had fun and I am so adding Gautemala to my bucketlist after seeing those pictures.

  2. I love Guatemala and had a great time exploring. Have you been to Tikal too? I could not resist the mangos when I was there. So fresh and juicy.

  3. I definitely want to visit Guatemala in the future, and I have heard some bad things about it. So, it is really lovely to see a post like this. It looks so fun and beautiful.

  4. I’m so excited to visit Guatemala! It’s nice that you get to go back every so often. I hope you soon have all the time in the world to explore you home country!

  5. Amazing article! I always wanted to go to Guatemala, but I was a bit scared 🙂 Now I see that it’s really nice!

  6. The views in Guatemala are to die for! I would love to visit the country one day. Can’t wait to see your post on the food there!

  7. I’m not saying it because it’s my home country but you should visit. I get scared sometimes if you listen to the news but if we did listen and give in to fear we wouldn’t go anywhere.

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